Burqa Dilemma in France: "How are we going to react when an emir of some sort is accompanied with his wives in a five-star hotel? Send cops?"

A Look Under the Freedom Sack:

Atlas Shrugs:

France Imposes Designer Priced Fines for Bastille-like Burkas

Trouble is, no one is going to enforce it. If a Flick (a French cop) tries to book a burqa clad female, he will be immediately surrounded by hordes of aggressive Muselmaniacs and all hell will break lose. Expect instant riots and carbeques, if not worse:

France imposes £700 fine for wearing burkhas in the street

A Clueless French “Terrorism Expert”  Raises the White Flag Preemptively:

If the burqa ban passes, does the law risk the increase of Muslim attacks in France?

“I’m certain that if the burqa ban passes, we’ll hear from Al-Zawahiri on Al-Jazeera. There will naturally be verbal threats. The Muslim propaganda on the Internet broadcasts that, ‘Here is a country of infidels that do not allow Muslims to live according to their religion!’ Some Muslim will want to commit terrorist acts. As to the law itself, it is obvious that it’s not desirable for women to be veiled, and the law prohibits wearing the burqa in the public. How are we going to react when an emir of some sort is accompanied with his wives in a five-star hotel? Send cops?

Hmm, its not only the burqa. How do you stop the Muselmaniacs from striking terror in the hearts of the infidels, how do you stop the honor killings, FGM, polygamy, wife beating, child marriage, rape of infidel women, jihad and all the other goodies that Allah aka Muhammad promised the believers? It all comes as a package deal, and every soldier of Allah is obliged to make the world Islamic, even if he gets killed in the process. Sharia ueber alles, nothing else will do….

Read the whole interview on Counter Jihad, here>>>

Updates: 3 links from Islamization Watch

Swiss ban on headscarves overruled

The cantonal parliament of Zurich rejected on Monday a proposal by the far right Swiss People’s Party (SVP) – Switzerland’s largest party – to ban headscarves for female Muslim students in Swiss schools. The proposal was aimed at “instilling respect of Swiss values in schools”, the party’s leadership says, and that people who settled in Switzerland needed to realise “they could not turn up to work in a headscarf”.

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Muslim Group CAIR Wants Fed. Probe Of Burqa Ban

CAIR wants special accommodation for Muslim women wearing burqas on the Boston university campus. But for the college security matters. Egypt is also cracking down on the radical dress in its schools.

Here’s some background on the school from over at the Daniel Pipes site – it appears that one of the school’s graduates – was planning a terror attack both inside and outside of the US:  Read more…

Update from the Tundra Tabloids:


At Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences,  the ‘right’ to wear the freedom sack tumps students’ rights to stay alive….

Massachusetts: College Bows to CAIR and Un-bans Islamic Face Veils

Well, that did not take long did it? Just two days ago, I posted the ‘Massachusetts College Bans Face Coverings, Muslims Outraged” story. Yesterday CAIR went into action and filed a complaint, and today the college has cowardly sided with Islam over their security concerns.

Court rules in favour of Egypt niqab ban in exams


Cairo University students wearing the niqab, a black veil which covers the face except for the eyes, stand outside the university dormitory on October 7, 2009 unable to enter due to new rules preventing admission to niqab wearers. Parallel to this, the Al-Azhar sheikh, Egypt’s top Islamic authority, has reportedly said the niqab is not part of Islam, and plans to ban it from the prestigious Al-Azhar University campus .

Just 30 years ago, women attended Egypt’s flagship Cairo University wearing miniskirts and sleeveless tops. They strolled along the beaches of Alexandria in skimpy swimsuits at a time when society was apparently more liberal and tolerant.

Well, the same goes for Indonesia, Malaysia, the South of Thailand and most Islam-occupied countries. The toxic mix of oil-money, Arab imperialism and Wahabite indoctrination perverts everything and everyone. It  brings out the fanatical frenzy, which, according to Winston Churchill, is more dangerous than hydrophobia in a dog….

If you see old pictures of Egyptian women were pretty relaxed looking – how did it come to this – oil money? – or the competition to see who could be the most Islamic after the Iranian Islamic revolution. If you see pictures of Saudi girls in schools back in the 70’s – they are wearing the typical blue skirt white shirt – that is common in schools around the world – some with the cool sun glasses. But after the Iranian revolution that all changed – boys and girls were separated even at university level – as this sparing between Islamic sects and nations heated up.

CAIRO (Reuters) – A Cairo court ruled on Sunday in favour of the Egyptian government’s decision to ban female students wearing the niqab, or full face veil, in university examinations.

The case, and that of a religious edict banning the niqab in girls’ schools dormitories, has bounced back and forth among various courts after the minister of higher education imposed the ban in October and it was then appealed by 55 students.

The government has long been wary of Islamist thinking, and in the 1990s crushed Islamists seeking to set up a religious state. It also is keen to quell opposition ahead of a parliamentary election expected by December, to be followed by a presidential vote.

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3 thoughts on “Burqa Dilemma in France: "How are we going to react when an emir of some sort is accompanied with his wives in a five-star hotel? Send cops?"”

  1. ‘Burqa Dilemma in France: “How are we going to react when an emir of some sort is accompanied with his wives in a five-star hotel? Send cops?”
    by sheikyermami on January 10, 2010’

    In a word. YES!
    We have developed a Rule-Of-Law over many thousands of years for good reasons. TO PROTECT THE PEOPLE!

    Polygamy is bad for women and children!
    The burqa is bad for safety and security during this war!
    What do we do with murderers, rapists and women and child beaters?
    We put them in jail!
    Of course that is how we will react!

  2. Who are these women who wear the niqab afraid will molest and abuse them in non-muslim countries? The locals or their own men?

  3. “How are we going to react when an emir of some sort is accompanied with his wives in a five-star hotel”?

    How about: grow a backbone! Pathetic!

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