Can't deport, can't deport, can't deport….

The net is almost entirely scrubbed of links relating to Tony Blair’s declaration that he would deport 500 Mohammedan clerics after 7/7. Try it: do a search on ‘Tony Blair to deport 500 clerics” and see what comes up.

I could only find this:  ‘UK’s decision to deport 500 Muslims unjust’ and this: British authorities to deport 500 Muslim extremists

The only one who left the country before they could come after him was Omar Bakri:  Omar Bakri Mohammed flees country in wake of London bombings

Counter Jihad:

The Dutch can’t deport criminal Moroccan Muslim brothers

The Muslims have lived illegally in Holland for fifteen years without valid Dutch passport or resident permit, committing crimes left and right.

Norway will not deport or imprison Muslim terrorist – wont!!!

Norway is a free country where Muslim criminals are free to commit crimes and  are protected by laws of  the kingdom of Norway.

Burn in hell Krekar fan club generates 100,000 Norwegian fans

  1. Finland: One Muslim asylum seeker will bring 20 relatives
  2. Danish Security Service: Muslims should not quit donating to terror groups

Illegal to deport Somali Muslims from Holland or Europe

Muslim terror asset freezing overruled by UK Supreme Court

Can’t seize their assets either. Can’t. Just can’t….

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