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Shunning Kurt Westergaard

by Baron Bodissey/Gates of Vienna

Kurt Westergaard, the man behind the most famous Mohammed cartoon, offered a piece of his artwork to a charity auction for victims of the Haitian earthquake. The charity rebuffed his offer due to fears of violence.

“We value the safety of our employees quite highly”-

read it and weep!

Our Danish correspondent TB has collected and translated the material for this post, but I’ll post his appeal for the charity first, since the auction is on Saturday, and this is therefore time-sensitive:

I urge everyone to spread this web address. This is where you can bid on Kurt Westergaard’s painting or just leave money for the kids of Haiti.

Use this form to place a bid.

Here are the two men behind it. The headline above the picture reads: “Everybody loves Kurt, except Lauritz!”

Next is a brief news story about what happened, and below that is a press release from Galleri Draupner.

What is notable about the news story below is Lauritz’ explanation that “[w]e value the safety of our employees”. This is the customary reason given for self-censorship under the dhimmi regimes of the Islamized West. Yale University Press, Borders bookstores, various newspapers and television stations, the publishers who refused the novel about Aisha — all of them moderated their actions based on a perceived need to keep their employees safe.

Their rationale may be restated thus: “We fear that violent religious thugs will injure or kill us. Therefore we will accede to their demands in advance, in order to make sure that no one gets hurt.”

Jihad is not even necessary. The lickspittle craven cringing cowards of our cultural elite are ready to cry uncle before the first sword leaves its scabbard.

From The Copenhagen Post:

TV2’s morning lifestyle programme Go’morgen Danmark was the latest in a long line of those trying to help the victims of the Haitian earthquake. The show organised an auction through auctioneers,, and asked well known politicians and personalities to donate personal items for the charity fundraiser.

A signed copy of Bill Clinton’s book dedicated to the head of the Social Democrats, concert and sports events tickets and a porcelain doll owned by Pia Kjærsgaard, head of the Danish People’s Party, are already listed in the auction.

Read it all, here>>