Childish Wankers

The Brugge Mariastad [“Bruges Maria-city”] committee wants to close down an exhibition that mocks Christianity with great enthusiasm — or at least mocks the relationship between religion and power. The committee takes particular offense at a fairground stall,  created by a certain Peter Puype, where visitors may smash plaster statuettes of Mary by throwing stones at them. How the artist will enjoy all the attention! His manifestation of cultural self-hatred is dripping with the adolescent desire to insult the good old little bigots, attached to their comforting and totally harmless Mary-worship, as brutally as possible.

It would have been more heroic to manufacture little plaster figures of Muhammad, my dear artist, and have those dashed into to pieces — also not very delicate, but at least you would then be insulting a real enemy, doubling the offense first by depicting the Prophet and then by destroying him. And then the exhibition would have been closed down by the authorities in a blink of an eye, so you would have become a martyr for free speech… and in an unexploded condition!

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No Balls

Schools Secretary Ed Balls has been accused of refusing to ban Islamic schools from smacking children for fear of upsetting Muslim “sensitivities”.

A spokesman for Mr Balls’ department denied that his refusal to change the law was based on fears of upsetting Muslim opinion. “We have no evidence the law is being abused or that children are being abused in these circumstances,” he said.

Mail on Sunday, 17 January 2010

Labour restores official ties with Muslim Council of Britain despite their refusal to remove deputy accused of supporting Hamas

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