CIA: Suicide Doctor Was Our Best Informant in Years

Sure. He fed them all the bullshit Al Qaeda wanted him to tell:

WASHINGTON (AFP) – A Jordanian informant suspected of behind a suicide bombing that killed seven CIA officers in Afghanistan last week was ranked the agency’s best lead on Al-Qaeda in years, the New York Times said on Wednesday.

Citing US intelligence officials, the Times said the Jordanian man was thought to have information about top Al-Qaeda members, including the whereabouts of Ayman al-Zawahiri, the organisation’s number two.

In fact, the Central Intelligence Agency was so enthusiastic about the information Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi might offer that top officials at the CIA and White House were told he was being brought to Afghanistan for a meeting.

But instead of offering some of the tips the United States has sought for years, Balawi detonated an explosives belt in the middle of a US base in Khost, killing seven CIA operatives.

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The Times reported that Balawi’s background as a radical Islamist was known to both Jordanian and US intelligence but that the two agencies believed he had been persuaded to turn on his former colleagues.

“This was one of the agency’s most promising efforts,” a senior intelligence official told the paper on condition of anonymity.

Balawi had established his credibility by feeding his Jordanian supervisor a series of tips about Al-Qaeda that checked out and built up so much trust with Jordanian and US intelligence that he was not properly searched when he entered Forward Operating Base Chapman for a meeting with CIA operatives.

While working as an informant, he had contributed anti-American essays to jihadist websites under the nameAbu Dujana al-Khorasan, purportedly to maintain contacts and gather information.

But officials told the newspaper that the views he expressed online turned out to represent his real beliefs.

Relatives told AFP that Balawi had been radicalised by the devastating offensive which Israel launched on Gaza in December 2008.

“The Israeli military operation in Gaza affected Humam and he wanted to join doctors of the Jordan Medical Association as a volunteer and go to Gaza,” said his brother asking for his given name to be withheld.

“Humam was angry because of the crimes committed by Israel in Gaza.

“In February, he told us he was going to Turkey, but his Turkish wife has not seen him and we have not heard from him … not even a call, or mail,” he added.

“We thought he was in Gaza, We were worried.”

The attack was the deadliest against the CIA since 1983.

It has been followed by a barrage of criticism of the CIA, including from the top US military intelligence officialin Afghanistan, who accused the agency of poor intelligence-gathering.

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  1. When will the Americans learn – you cannot trust a muslikm in the field – sorry to the good muslims but how do we tell you apart from the arseholes – we cant – and the risk is not worth it.

  2. Probably worried it would offend him and his human rights by racially profiling and “discriminating” against him by searching him fully! When will the west learn? We need to take the gloves OFF. Big boys games, big boys rules! If you are offended tough. What would you rather be- offended you were searched or dead by explosion caused by the scum of the earth? These extremists seem to think that suicidal attack is unstoppable and such tactics are supreme but I seem to remember a little conflict in the 1940’s where a country called Japan used similar tactics and showed scant regard for survival and it didn’t end that well for them. Rember if you don’t care if you live you are not as effective in battle as if you do.

  3. They have already found the justification for him. CNN is interviewing his “bewildered” family; “Family of alleged CIA bomber speaks”. The west is doomed by its own self-imposed ignorance. The CIA actually BELEIVED that al-Balawi had been rehabilitated from his extremist views – I have never read anything more absurd than this statement about the CIA!

    A sample of what the West has not yet gotten into its thick head – read and weep:

    “Jordanian and U.S. intelligence agencies apparently believed that al-Balawi had been rehabilitated from his extremist views and were using him to hunt Ayman al-Zawahiri, al Qaeda’s No. 2 figure, the former intelligence official said.

    The al Qaeda statement posted Wednesday identified al-Balawi as Hamam Khalil Mohammed Abu Malal, who used the name Abu Dujana Khorasani. It said Abu Dujana was a well-known Islamist author and a preacher on jihadi Web sites, an immigrant for his faith and a fighter who sacrificed himself and his money for his God and belief.

    “May God accept him as a martyr who was able to infiltrate the Americans’ forts,” the statement said.

    “We ask God to bless the people who follow your path, Abu Dujana,” it said. “Let them know that your brothers are following your path and they will not have peace of mind until they slaughter the Americans and let the Islamic nation be proud for having men like you among its sons.”

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