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Muslim anti-terror rally organizer gets death threat: “You’re a hypocrite and don’t know what Islam is”

Islam is a peaceful religion and I will kill you to prove it!

Here again we see the murderous thug who made this threat claim to be representing true and pure Islam. “Muslim rally organizer claims death threats,” by Niraj Warikoo for the Detroit Free Press, January 12 (thanks to Pamela):

The Muslim organizer of a rally last week in Detroit against terrorism said he received a death threat over the phone from a man with an Arabic accent upset that he spoke out against other Muslims.

Al-Qaeda Threatens to Kill Families of US Navy Personnel… ZIP

UK: Woman Grabs A Knife To Scare Away Intruders…Police Tell Her It Was Illegal To Carry An ‘Offensive Weapon’ Even In Her Own Home, Even If Used To Protect Property/Self ZIP

Those waging war on society shouldn’t have access to its law

“Lawfare”, where the laws of the West are used by those who despise the West and do not play by the rules of the West. The tactic is to clog up the courts, governments and media with lawsuits about human rights violations. Those who seek to wage war against our society should not have recourse to the civil laws of that society.   Paul Sheehan for the Sydney Moonbat Herald

Mohammedan Law= A Sick Joke!

UAE sheikh [brother of crown Prince] cleared of torturing and raping grain seller [Video]

A court in Abu Dhabi has acquitted the man accused of beating an Afghan grain trader in 2004. Sheikh Issa bin Zayed al-Nahayan, a member of the UAE royal family, claimed he was drugged by two other men, and therefore unaware of his actions, which included torturing the man with electric prods, driving over him and raping him.

Thee men who released the tape have been given five years in jail. Al Jazeera

Somalia: Two men flogged for ‘un-Islamic’ romance

The Al-Qaeda-linked Shebab group’s religious police in the Somali city of Kismayo flogged a man for flirting and another for having a “secret marriage”, an official said yesterday.

They received 15 and 39 lashes respectively in front of a crowd in central Kismayo, a large southern harbour which has been under Shebab administration since mid-2008 and where a strict form of Sharia is enforced.  “One of the young men was found engaging in secret wedlock which is illegal under Islamic law,” Sheikh Mohamed Moalim, a senior Shebab official, said from Kismayo.

“The other one was found seducing a lady alone. Both of them confessed to the charges in front of a court and they were publicly punished,” he said.

The flogging took place over the weekend. Gulf Times/AFP

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  1. OT, but the “moderate muslim malaysia” posts have scrolled off:

    Stones hurled at Sentul Sikh temple

    KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 13 — A sliding glass door to the entrance of a Sikh Temple in Sentul here was found cracked late yesterday by a barrage of stones, making it the first non-Christian house of worship hit since the controversial landmark “Allah” ruling.

    The Sikhs also use the term to describe God in their Punjabi language and had unsuccessfully sought to be part of the Roman Catholic Church’s legal suit to use the name to the anger of Muslims in Malaysia who claim it is exclusive to them. […] (via Doctor Bulldog)

  2. I am sorry, but Muslim is not a actual religion.
    It is how ever a kind of cult, back when it was written their were no real laws of rules of conduct and people were as out of control as they are today.
    So Muslim was written as a system of control, sort of like that movie the matrix.
    It has laws as well as its own religion and system of protections, for example, back when it was written they had problems with tribes being raided and all of the women would be taken, so what did they add ?
    Well its a law saying all women must be covered head to toe, now is this part of a religion ?
    Well of course the answer is no, anyone with a IQ higher then the taco bell dog should realize that if all of the women are dressed as men, then it is much harder to raid a village and capture all of the women.
    so that alone has nothing do to with a religion, it is how ever a system of control.
    Like it or not you know my words are the truth or your simply to ignorant to admit the truth, in which case your polluting the earths genetic pool with stupidity.
    The continued violence against the Jews only proves my point further.
    To be quite honest I am so sick of it, that if it were up to me, Muslim would be banned as a religion and Muslims would be exterminated like any other pest.
    See I come from the place of people with a IQ of 160 and above, it really is hard dealing with you lower life forms with your limited vision, but this nonsense has just gone too far.
    See I do not look at my self as a American but as a citizen of the world, But I only have true respect for other more advanced humans like my self.
    You should be happy your dealing with the rich moron power mongers that you are, since a war with the smart part of the population would result in your total extermination.
    make no mistake you have never taken US on or you would know it, so hide under rocks and in caves.
    Eventually the power mongers will run out of steam, and we may have to deal with you.
    So why don’t you so called adults grow up, grow and pair and try to act like a adults and not like spoiled children.
    Oh by the way, if Aliens ever do come from space and I have a chance to speak to them, I will make sure to send them your way 😉
    Peace ! … idiots

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