"Decency" is not in the Koran

Town ‘defiant’ over Islamic march

Local resident:

“If this man has any decency about him he will not hold a march throughWootton Bassett.”

Ah, but he doesn’t.

Jihadists plan a deliberate provocation, an anti-British march through a town famous for honoring dead British soldiers. Why can’t we  go to Pakistan and start demonstrating against jihadists?


Anjem Choudary is planning to hold a march through the streets of Wootton Bassett

Islamization Watch: Outrage as Islamic extremists vow to march through old English town in protest against troops fighting Afghan war

Local Guardian/UK

A town famous for honouring dead British soldiers returning from Afghanistan reacted defiantly to news that a controversial Islamic group is to march through its streets.

Islam4UK – which calls itself a “platform” for extremist movement al-Muhajiroun – plans to parade through Wootton Bassett, in Wiltshire, in the coming weeks.

The group’s website says the event is being held “not in memory of the occupying and merciless British military” but of the Muslims its says have been “murdered in the name of democracy and freedom”.

Leader Anjem Choudary said the protest, involving 500 people, would be peaceful one, with “symbolic coffins” being carried to honour Muslim victims of the conflict.

But the walk will not coincide with the return of a dead soldier’s body, added Mr Choudary, 42, a former lawyer from east London.

Hundreds of people line the market town’s High Street every week to watch servicemen’s bodies being driven through from RAF Lyneham.

Family and friends of the fallen, shopkeepers, and British Legion members wait in all weathers to pay silent tribute to a cortege of Union flag-draped coffins.

Ex-mayor and councillor Chris Wannell said today: “We don’t do what we do at Wootton Bassett for any political reason at all, but to pay our respects to those who have given their lives for our freedom.

“We are a Christian country and a traditional old English market town who honour very much our Queen and country. We obey the law and pay respects to our servicemen who protect our freedom. If this man has any decency about him he will not hold a march through Wootton Bassett.”

Where is Gordon Clown in this?

10 thoughts on “"Decency" is not in the Koran”

  1. The EDL are on talksport radio right now till 6am, about this. They’re not coming across that well actually, it seems they are also misunderstanders of islam. Basically all of the EDL representatives that have phoned into the show have been saying their argument is with “extremists” only, and they have even been inviting muslims to join the EDL.

    Fucking useless, it seems they are not the great white light in the dark that they have been repeatedly portrayed as.

  2. Well, that is what the muslim scum think. They will be rather surprised soon. Keep pushing muslim turds – you are now very close to a very deep hole from which you will not climb out.

  3. Choudary loves to stir the ire of the right.
    He is hoping for a riot and make more accusations of Nazism.
    It’s a plot. The man should be arreasted for stirring up trouble.
    But he won’t be because he is a Muslim. On the other hand, if the right-leaners go out to protest they will be arrested.

  4. Meanwhile:

    The full extent of islamic infiltration in the University College of London:

    The Sunday Telegraph can disclose new details of radical Muslim speakers who have been invited to events organised by University College London’s Islamic society, the organisation headed by Abdulmutallab when he was an undergraduate at the institution in 2006-07.

    Whitehall sources have confirmed MI5 is investigating Abdulmutallab’s possible links with other radical individuals at UCL and with Islamic student societies at other universities.

    The Sunday Telegraph has also learned that Muslim students at UCL, at the time of Abdulmutallab’s presidency of the Islamic society, tried to win a change to the student union’s constitution which would have watered down rules on anti-Semitism.

    And we were told the guy was “lonely”, and that lonliness was the reason for his “radicalisation”! Seems he was popular enough to be given presidency of the university’s islamic society. I just wish people would accept the reason for individuals turning to terrorism is not social issues, nor emotional or anything else, the reason for terrorism lays firmly at the feet of islam itself!

  5. The excuses never end Davey…In big western unis , students are often lonely and depressed and overwhelmed by how much they have to do , the deadlines etc..Do all these young people decide that blowing up hundreds of other people is the solution?…No of course not…
    I think the excuses need to be challenged at every opportunity.

  6. Davy Crockett – the EDL are rattling skeleton’s in the UK cabinet; I’m talking those govermnent cabinet members who think Geert Wilders is “far right” for objecting to Islamic murder which was the grisly inciting incident for Wilder’s campaign. Are you trying to divide and conquer with your negativity about EDl on air?! I hope not. Or are you one of Nohammed’s deceivers?

    It is difficult for some members to have the confidence to be named, our UK political climate is tepid and weak, but the EDL are saying what alot of people think, and a missed bit of Sharia in a debate will not reduce the EDL’s will for an end to Anjem Choudray’s presence/influence in the UK while he supervises miserable Sharia – whilst on welfare yet! Moreover, nobody nice person can justify what sharia does to women or think that the Taliban is okay!

  7. They can do this because they are confident that civilised people would not put an IED in the road for them – as they would do if the situation was reversed.

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