"Diversity" ueber alles

Majority of Turks in Austria wants Sharia

Fully integrated democrats, they are indeed, allegedly: A study commissioned by the Austrian Interior Ministry is now revealed that for nearly three quarters of Turks living in Austria, the precepts of Islam are more important than democracy. Over half of respondents want the introduction of Sharia law.

    The Bayernkurier writes:
    In the neighboring country of Austria  the integration of Turkish immigrants remains difficult. A new study is alarming: More than half of Austrian Turks like to see the introduction of the cruel Sharia law.

Islamization Watch

To Veil or To Unveil – UK Burqa Debate [Video]

Once again we find that ‘reverts’ are the most fervent defenders of this idiocy:

Check out this English convert  to Islam [unless she is from Eastern Europe] ~ definitely get the ~ supremacist feeling there! (She invokes English law  which she is religiously obliged to replace with the sharia/ed)

If you join Islam you must then go to every length to protect your vision of it from the reality on the ground. For her the Mullah’s are wrong, the Egyptian clerics are wrong – I could imagine if you waited long enough – she would say – the Saudis are wrong – then who might we imagine is right in Islam – let me guess ~ the people who were a part of her conversion!! I mean having to explain away – how it is that women are flogged and imprisoned for being raped – under Shari’a law has got to hurt. Ouch!!

“This is not the real Islam” sounds similar to this is not the real communism debate!!
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On the other side of the fence:

Banda Aceh: Hundreds temporarily detained by sharia officers during raid on un-Islamic clothing

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  1. No law is needed.- Implementation of the current law suffices.


    This continual harping on “you can not tell women what to wear” only translates more and more to “Kufirs can not tell muslims what to wear” – they don’t mind telling us what to do, and expect us to obey the current laws AND their special Islamic ones.

    UK Law says NO FACE COVERINGS in many areas. This MUST BE valid for EVERYBODY.

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