Egypt: Genocide on Coptic Christians – BBC Claims "Sectarian Violence is Unusual"

At least 6 Christians killed in shooting outside church

At least five Coptic Christians have been killed in a drive-by shooting outside a church in southern Egypt, officials say.

Update: “It is all religious now. This is a religious war about how they can finish off the Christians in Egypt”

The shooting came as worshippers left the church in Naj Hammadi after a midnight mass on Coptic Christmas Eve.

Unidentified gunmen sprayed gunfire indiscriminately into the crowd, officials said.

Two Muslims passing the church were among 10 people reportedly injured in the attack.

Naj Hammadi is 40 miles (64km) from Luxor, southern Egypt’s biggest city.

Coptic Christians account for about 10% of the Egypt’s population of 80 million.

They have complained of harassment and discrimination, though sectarian violence is unusual.

Google “attacks on Copts” and you’ll find thousands of “unusual sectarian violence”

Here’s the report from the Associated (with terrorists) Press:

Spencer: A deliberately timed massacre, though the ongoing persecution of Christians in Egypt by Muslims is only vaguely alluded to at the end of the article. “Gunmen kill 6 at Egypt church after Christmas Mass,” by Sarah El-Deeb for the Associated Press, January 6:  JW

“Qena is one of Egypt’s poorest and most conservative areas.”

Conservative, how? That, and its bearing on security for Christians in Egypt is left unsaid.

More on the oppression of the Copts:

So the same article from Al BeBeeCeera includes 6 recent links to attacks and murders of Copts, the original inhabitants of Egypt. But the Beep insists on painting a pussy on your cheek: “sectarian violence is unusual.”

Egyptian cops arrest 13 Copts — the victims of attack by Islamic supremacists

Genocide on Copts/Jihad Watch

The local imam incited the Islamic supremacists to attack the Christians. So yet another imam is exposed as a Misunderstander of the Religion of Peaceâ„¢. Why didn’t his Qur’anic study tell him to respect the People of the Book, and not to wage jihad against or expect them to assume dhimmi status? Aren’t Islamic apologists in the West forever telling us that the only people who believe that Muslims hold to jihad against Jews and Christians, and in dhimmitude, are greasy Islamophobes? How is it then that so many Muslims, including even imams, turn out to be greasy Islamophobes?

“Egyptian police arrest 13 Copts, victims of attack by Islamic extremists,” from Asia News, March 18

We refuse to be Muslims by force,’ say Egyptian Christians

“No compulsion in religion…”

10 thoughts on “Egypt: Genocide on Coptic Christians – BBC Claims "Sectarian Violence is Unusual"”

  1. Largely ignored – much like the attacks on Christians in Nigeria and Sudan, along with the genocide of the white farmers in Rhodesia and South Africa.

    How is it that we’ve arrived at this place where the reporting of a crime is considered a larger evil than the crime being reported, if muslims (or any other of the far left’s protected species) are concerned?

  2. This was done in revenge for the rape of a 12 year old muslim girl by a christian man in the area, not for religion. Yes, the form of revenge was largely exaggerated, but in an area with poor, uneducated people (you see this in the US too…look at Trenton).

    This was an overexaggerated response to the rape of a muslim girl, not about religion. It would help if you actually gave details rather than blaming it on them “dern lunatics”, no?

    Over 1.5 billion muslims worldwide. If even 0.1% of these were radical extremists, the world would be in flames!

  3. Check out the Mohammedan psycho immediately above:

    First, he claims ‘revenge’ – then some immoral equivalence, denies that the attack was motivated by Islam (that is his Islamic obligation) A reprimand for me (of course: know your place, kufar) then comes the immoral equivalence: “revenge” for some imaginary rape.

    Next boistering: “1.5 gazillion muslims are coming to get you”- and finally: the world would be in flames if we weren’t so peaceful.

    A true rep of the RoP. Brainwashed. Psycho. Flatliner.

    “It is all religious now. This is a religious war about how they can finish off the Christians in Egypt”

  4. chocofudges,
    More than 20% of the world muslim population are lunatics and yet the world is not burning! Do not pretend you are important – when the time comes there will be none of you left. I doubt very much that the Christian man raped anyone – it is more true to form that muslim scum raped the child and then framed some christian family – has happened many time before to the Copts. Also muslims regularly like kidnapping Copt girls and forcing them to convert – the only way your religion prospers. islam is not a religion – it is a murderous and evil ideology that cannot achieve anything of value.

  5. ^ I think Kaw might be on to something:

    Possible timeline of events:
    *Christian girl is abducted, and forced to convert to islam, before being married to and raped by a much older muslim pervert.
    *Christians attempt to rescue girl from the clutches of her muslim kidnappers.
    *After a successful rescue, muslims claim that the “muslim” girl has been raped by those Christians who’ve just rescued her.
    *Then comes the so-called “revenge”, aka any excuse to slaughter non-muslims is good enough for abdullah and his merauding maniacal islamic brood.

    I think that is possibly about as close to the truth as we’re going to get, thanks Kaw for the inspiration!

  6. To every one who said that this accident is a revenge as a result from a girl got raped.
    I want to tell them that we are not so stupid to believe your comments or make an accept reason for it , because in Egypt there is a lot of raping incidents (a muslim man raped a muslim girl) and we didn’t see any revenge like what happened to Copts who are celebrating the Christmas.
    Are they asked them self , why we don’t see any revenge like that (in case a Muslim man attacks on a Christian girl)

  7. “Coptic Christians have pelted Muslim shops with stones in a southern Egyptian town where Muslim gunmen killed six Copts after a Christmas Eve mass, a security official said.”…

    I doubt it, very much!

    Especially when a police official denied this:-
    …”Residents in the nearby village of Bahgura said Muslims had set fire to Coptic homes and stores, but a police official denied this.”…

    More clashes, arrests after Copt deaths JAILAN ZAYAN
    January 9, 2010 – 8:34AM

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