FBI lets would be Jew Killer Mansor Asad off: "nothing to do with Islam…."

Under the BO administration, you have to be a card carrying Al Qaeda member to qualify as a terrorist, and its not enough to scream “I want to kill all the Jews” on a crowded airplane…..

See Atlas Shrugs for pics and video

Mansor Asad, Muslim Who Screamed “I want to kill all the Jews,” is the Owner of Salafi Mosque Real Estate Tied to Jailed Terrorists

Muslim screaming “I want to kill all the Jews” taken off Miami flight

Update: Muslim who was pulled off plane for (allegedly) shouting about killing Jews: I never said that, and my accusers are paranoid

Mansor Asad, the Muslim who declared his intention to kill the Jews on a Jewish flight out of Miami, is being giving the free pass — in other words, the Islam is a mental illness get out of jail free card. Like Noor Almaleki’s father, who ran her over in a cold blooded honor killing because she dared to want an American life, he, too, is being given the Muslim Get Out of Jail Free card.

The wannabe Jew killing jihadi is a real estate mogul who testified to having 100K in the bank. Not bad for a terrorist nut job.

But what the media is not telling us about the would be Jew killer is that he owns the building that houses a Salafi mosque. (and that he has a long rap sheet)

The Salafis are Muslims who pride themselves on holding to the true, pure form of Islam and on their rejection of what they consider to be innovations in Islamic faith and practice. Because the texts and teachings of Islam contain so many exhortations to violence and hatred, the Salafis are generally particularly hateful and violent.

Monroe St. Masjid at-Tawfeeq is described this way at Islamic Finder: “This masjid is the only salafi one in the city of Toledo. It is a full time institution for daily prayers, duroos and the like. . .General Activities: Regular tele-links with scholars and students of knowledge.”

When they pulled Asad off the plane after terrorizing the passengers, Asad is alleged to have said this during the search, before he began praying and chanting in “a foreign language mixed with English”: “I’m not afraid of you cops, I’ve gotten in fights with cops in Ohio and broke their arms in three places. I’ve broken skulls too!”

The FBI declared almost immediately that this was not an act of terror. What the hell is terror, then? Ask those people on the plane (especially the Jewish folks) if they were “terrified”.

FBI spokeswoman Judy Orihuela said there were no indications the incident was connected to terrorism. The bureau was initially brought in to look into the disturbance but is no longer involved in the investigation and is treating the case as a local matter.

Three jihadi terrorists Attended Asad’s mosque

TOLEDO — Three Toledo men indicted for plotting to kill US and coalition troops in Iraq face a hearing Friday in federal court. Authorities say they were able to bring charges against the men because of help from law enforcement agencies and the local Muslim community.

Despite the violent nature of the crimes the men are accused of committing, they were apparently devout Muslims.
As the prayer hour arrives, so do the Muslims at a storefront mosque in the 3300 block of Monroe Street in central Toledo. And it is that mosque where the men accused of terrorism-related crimes came to worship.

“The world is very bad. The whole world,” said Fay Asad, a woman who belongs to the mosque. She says she can’t remember seeing the suspects there, but she’s stunned that anyone planning what authorities call a “holy war” worshipped where she does.

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  1. WOW this site, and article are liers who ever wrote this are hater. First of all the man is not a terrorist ok. Are u guys retarded? I think so.. MR. Asad Was in miami in a vacation with his 14 years old daughter, his 29 yearl old sister ,and a friend of his sister, 1 men and 3 girls his family members. The real truth is that this man bever said he want to kill jews, he was having a converstion with another passanger about a situation that happen over seas that have to do with palestians and jews. A fligth attendant who was sitting 2 or three roads in ythe front of them went at front and say that it was a man in the back saying he want to kill jews, THIS SITUATION WAS A MISUNDERSTANDING. I know we all scare of terrorism right now but MR. ASAD IS NO A TERRORIST, HE IS A BUSSINES MAN, A FAMILY MAN WITH 5 CHILDREN, A TAX PAYER, AND A LAND LORD. He is a wondelful person who is always triying to help people in his comunity..Dont judge people without Knowing them, and just because he is a muslim does not make him a terrorist GET REAL, is like saying that ALL PRIEST RAPE LITTLE BOYS AND WE ALL KNOW IS NOT TRUTH, SO DONT LIE, EXAGGERATE, AND LET U IMAGINATION GO WILD ON YOU…AND WHO EVER WROTE THIS ARTICLE I THINK THEY ARE RACIST AND VERY RETARDED.

  2. OH and I deffinetly agree with join the discussion post, Very good. People need to stop being such ignorants and racist, and stop liying about stuff that they dont know… thank u

  3. LOOK at this TITLE “JEW KILLER” WOW. WHAT AN ASSHOLE whoever wrote this article……I want to know what Jew you witness him kill???? NONE, SO SHUT U MOUTH AND MAKE AN ARTICLE ABOUT HOW RETARDED YOU ARE OK. THIS MAN IS NOT A TERRORIST.

  4. theresaj u know why cause I hate injustice and this article is triying to make this man look like a terrorist when he is not one… Just look at their title, they exaggerate. He is an American citizen born and raised here.. As a person he is a wonderful man, he is respectful, understanding, honest, and many more. If u knew him u will think the same way. How do I know the facts? I went to his family house the day after this happen, and I witness their pain, they are hurt, and his poor 14 years old daughte,r who was with her dad in the plane, witness everything, can any of u imagine how she is feeling? She have to return home with out her father and till this day, she still hasent see her dad..cause he still in jail because of the bond amout 210,000 dollards. The whole situation is wrong, is a shame and it can happen to any of us.

    1. Injustice:

      In Islam, “justice” occurs when the Muslims dominate all others around them. “Injustice” is when any Muslim has to defer, in the slightest way, in any situation, to the will of any non-Muslim person or group.

      “He is an American citizen born and raised here.”

      Doesn’t that make it worse? He knows the law. What caused him to terrorize a whole plane load of people with shouting “I want to kill all Jews”-???

      Who gives a flying f*#k for the feelings of a terrorist lunatic who terrorized a plane full of people?

      ” As a person he is a wonderful man, he is respectful, understanding, honest, and many more.”

      Shame we never knew him!

      ” If u knew him u will think the same way. How do I know the facts? I went to his family house the day after this happen, and I witness their pain, they are hurt, and his poor 14 years old daughte,r who was with her dad in the plane, witness everything, can any of u imagine how she is feeling? She have to return home with out her father and till this day, she still hasent see her dad..cause he still in jail because of the bond amout 210,000 dollards. The whole situation is wrong, is a shame and it can happen to any of us.”

      Yes, “the situation is wrong” when a Jew-hating scumbag makes a fool of himself.

      But no, it can’t happen to us because we would never shout we wanna kill Jews (or Muslims, or Whitey, or Blacks) in a crowded plane.

      Are you too dumb to understand that?

  5. I no this man personlly and the is COMPLETLY A MISUNDERSTNDING …if you people watched the news when the pople from the plane were talkin non of then NEVER said they heard him say anything aboit killin jews or I’m palestine thye said the police /flight attendants told them that so if he was yelling on a plane i’m sure people would no whats going on BEFORE police enter with huge guns…he is being FALselY ACCUSED and its a shame all you people are talking bad about him and judging him when everyone knows our justice system isn’t 100% right all the time you people should STOP RUNNING YOUR MOUTHS and do your homework…His STORES HELP LOW INCOME PeOPLE he is a real cool down to earth funny guy and he is being ruined because some DUMB ASS thought they heard something and panicked ….

  6. The author of this lil website is completely hilarious I cant believe the things people come up with and think they no about someone I live in toledo and that building he owns is nothing like that at all this site is COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS people please dot support this site this whole case is BS when mr asad is freed and people who were sitting by him speak up people are going to feel ashamed for saying the bad things they said about this really good guy and his children are going to have to see if forever on the internet its sad DONT SUPPORT THIS SITE















  9. The facts published in newspapers and on the T.V. and REPEATED ON THIS SITE are the truth. And we do not get all of them.

    Of course he might be lovely to his friends, but towards non-muslims it is a VERY DIFFERENT story. He is a Jew hater and threatened to kill some. The witnesses made NO MISTAKE.

    You all above have just demonstrated what this site believes. You are a bullying, murderous, lying, deceitful, lazy, cult.

  10. Yesi and other terrorist supporters,

    The facts, whether you wish to acknowledge them or not, say quite clearly that this muslim twit was a person who supported violence.
    He has a considerable criminal record – he is not a nice person.

    That is the problem with you muslim idiots – YOU PRETEND THAT AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH IS A LIE AND HIDE.

    Why is this site completely false Dont Judge ??? Where were you when muslims murdered 3 nursing sisters in Yemen?? Where were you when muslims gunned down Thai Buddhists in Southern Thailand??? You were watching and you kept your mouth shut. Comment again here when you start to critic those muslims who “misunderstand” islam – or perhaps they understand it very well!!
    Mr. Asad was in jail for a reason – be thankful our legal systems are not based on Sharia because then he would be dead.

    And since you are going to use our language, at least try to write properly. The standard of your English matches the standard of your “contributions” to this blog, and these place you well to the left of the mean of a Gaussian IQ Pdf (this means you are dumb!).

  11. Must be one of his many wives writing this on his behalf – or could be the girl next door whom he paid to have a pleasure marriage with.

    In the world that they have created, white is black and black is white. What is the FBI’s excuse?

  12. Well this is not his wife this is his niece and I’m not even muslim I’m mexican and palestine my father is catholic I go to a catholic church(not baptized though my sister and I went to a catholic school for 12 years…..our family dont hate people who are not muslims my uncle employees very race black, white, mexican even JEWISH…he even has a jewish lawyer in toledo who supports him….F.Y.I its my language and I will speak it how I want to….you people should close your mouths you no nothing I do so i have the right to peak upon it you dont

    and the passengers NEVER EVER SAID THEY HEARD HIM SAYIN HE WANTED TO KILL THE JEWS NEVER let’s get the facts straight if your going to speak upon my uncle make sure you know what your saying lest remember in american we have the right to say whatever we want its inn the constitution and maybe if needs to be changed but until it is he is INNOCENt and being treated unfair I cant believe how close minded you people are the REAL terrorists who have weapons and are dangerous should be the ones your worried about not my uncle he would never be a terrorist so stop throwing dirt on his name if you were not on the plane, therefore dont judge because the people on the plane didn’t no anything was going on until police entered if you remember hearing the lady on the new who was a few rows back she didnt no anything until the police came in THINK PEOPLE and LOOK AT THE FACTS CLOSELY you should be smart enough to see this is a misunderstanding your smart with that large IQ number haha i would love to look at your life are critique it i’m sure there will be lots to discover !!

  13. Muslims are not the only people who committed crazy crimes white kids shooting up the schools, every race has violent wack jobs so dont act like its just muslims there are suicide bombers robbers rapers child molesters which i think is the worst (catholic priests which a lot a WHITE so lets not call our colors/races/religions because non are perfect

    AND HE DONT HAVE MANY WIVES are you jealous because you cheat on your wife or want to and would like to have plenty of wives..

    This site is false because i could take you to his business that they have pictures on here are see there is nothing to hide they arent even in in business and the person who made this site is REALLY going out there way to make him to someone he is not and it makes me sick to my stomach that people try to ruin a person

  14. who did the oklahoma bombing and …..dont judge and yea so what my spelling is off because i’m not taking my time i’m typing so fast and not checking it because i’m upset you people want to argue and talk bad about a person you no noting about its lame and sad so so what if I mis spell you should be smart enough to figure out what i’m saying I LOVE MANSOR ASAD AND WHEN HE GETS OUT THE REAL STORY WILL BE TOLD ON AIR AND YOU WILL SEE WHAT TYPE OF A PERSON HE IS AND THE ASK GOD TO FORGIVE YOU FOR JUDGING HIM MY FAMILY ARE EXCELLENT PEOPLE and dont deserve this crap but nothing or anyone can break us these words mean nothing we will stay on top whether the whole world is hateing or not we have a lot of people supporting my uncle!!!!and i’m in college so if i wanted to could write these lil comments so professional but i choose not to so remember that

  15. You go love your muslim terrorist – perhaps you can ask the relevant police departments to hide his rap sheet. Thon, when you have finished screaming try and write something sensible. Otherwise go and bugger off. Why is it the the loudest voices of islam seem to be the dummest? Rhetorical question!

  16. He is not a terrorist what facts do you have to support what you are saying about him? because he allegedly yelled i want to kill all the jews? did he allegedly say I’m going to kill all the jews or i am going to try to kill all the jews, that little false statement is what makes you think you have the right to call him a terrorist and ruin his life/reputation? come on thats pathetic do your homework watch the interviews from the news then comment because this is a misunderstanding its ashamed you are not smart enough to see that NOT ONE PERSON ON THE PLANE SAW HE SUPPOSEDLY STAND UP AND YELL THAT SO THAT SHOULD TELL YOU THIS IS ALL FALSE because wouldn’t the people on the plane no whats goin on, especially ones a few rows back?

    LIKE I SAID Before i’m not a loud voice of islam i dont even know the religion that well even though i’m half Palestinian so dont come at me with the crap i’m a regular american young lady that does everything a normal american does!!!… i speak from my heart and if you dont agree you go and bugger off!!!

  17. KAW….just because you have a little criminal recor dont mean you are a bad person…..people amke mistakes and change and they deserve another chance…who are you GOD you think you can judge so much?? What religion are you I would love to know? Its not like he ever hurt a kid or was a raper or murderer or had some real violence on his record where innocent people were hurt…and dont try and use the fighting with the peace office charge !!!!!

  18. ‘thon February 14, 2010 at 10:16 pm
    He is not a terrorist what facts do you have to support what you are saying about him?’

    thon, you obviously having ‘Dory’ moments [Dory: the forgetful fish in the animated movie ‘Nemo’]. Maybe you are more mohommedan than you admit to.

    This site and others circulate PUBLISHED MEDIA REPORTS from around the world. This one came from your ‘good ol’ U.S. of A.’, honey! Then we comment on it and share our own PUBLISHED MEDIA REPORTS that we find.

    We care and share here.

  19. its blows my mind he people think our justice system works well when they want to give him 11 years but a weirdo can go kill someone and do less time or RAPE A innocent defenseless child and our justice system most of the times lets them out in 5-10 years its CRAZY those people are the ones who need to be in jail forever sick minded people like that not MR asad

  20. Thon
    You are wasting time. His rap sheet is not small – he did threaten Jewish people – all this comes from reputable sources who would be sued if their facts were not correct. I don’t know why you are supporting this idiot but plead your case with American law enforcement who see him as a threat. We have NO influence with the law-makers of your country (here I am assuming that you are an American citizen) and we would not wish to. Rather than try and convince us that you are right I suggest that you have a careful re-evaluation of this man and what he appears to have now become. This may save you considerable grief in the future. Personally I think that the man shows all the signs of having been influenced by radical muslims and I consider him a danger! Since my family and my friends are effectively threatened by these muslim scum on a daily basis I have every right to h0ld this opinion. If your friend is a good person as you believe he will be released – if not he will be incarcerated.

  21. MEDIA exaggerate and blow things out of proportion and no i’m not havin DORY moments I just no this man personally and I know what and who he is!

  22. you are exactly right and he will be released …this man you call an idiot is my uncle and I’m not wasting my time because he really is a man with a golden heart and i dont know what muslims are bothering you and your family but he has nothing to do with that.. and how do you no these people are not going to be sued they lied and ruined his reputation people on the plane no what was said and they lied bottom line, but first he needs to get out of jail… then people are going to hear the truth from him probably on the news! he did not threaten jewish people where are these people he threatened ???no where because there are none there are no statements from any passenger saying they heard this!! thats why we are so upset and feel he is being discriminated against.

  23. he has a new born he has BOCOME A father again and not a terrorist or influenced by radical muslims he is busy running a business and being darn good father to all his kids who he takes care of not there mother you would be surprised of how good a man he is!!!!

  24. Thon,
    If he is a good man then he will be released. If he is a terrorist then he won’t be. Were you on that flight? If you were not then you cannot call his fellow passengers liars – even if what they say your uncle said is something the uncle you know would not say. The point is that you cannot look inside his head – it is possible that you have only seen one side of him. Sorry, but that is the way it is. The best that you can do is pray for the truth to come out – if he said nothing he will be released, if he did say something then he can be helped. Anger at the people who have only reported what they heard, or what they thought they heard will not help your uncle and it will not help you or your family.

  25. Wish I could have been there to see this turd tazed. Based on the comments from his “family” members on here the guy is a real saint. I think common sense tells us that is BS.

    I do feel a bit safer knowing this piece of crap is on the no-fly list now.

    His daughter spoke on his behalf:

    “He’s not a terrorist. He’s a family man, a good man. It just hurts what happened,” Ms. Fruto said.

    Ms. Asad, a Lourdes College graduate, called the charges against him “ridiculous,” and said the allegations are not consistent with his personality.

    “He’s just a kind person and always looking out for others,” she said. “I’m very upset. We’re Arab and Muslim. I think he was singled out.”

    See he’s a good Arab and Muslim, family man, devout, hates Jews and wants to kill them. I mean what good Muslim doesn’t?

  26. Sheesh Sheik, you better keep track of all these IP addresses (it’s probably just 1 in Toledo!). The FBI needs to see this.

    What’s going on with those Ohio public schools? Second generation mahouds should be able to communicate better than this.

  27. I am dumbfounded that these PC-advanced “college students” think nothing of coming onto a blog, ostensibly to change minds and influence people, and fail to write clearly.

    Then the excuse is “well, I would but I don’t have to because it’s just you people.” Young lady, you will never get anywhere in life if you don’t learn to present your case coherently. That any teacher who received a writing sample that had half the errors that you write with here would advance you to another grade is truly proof of affirmative action.

    Also curious…how does he “help poor people” with his business? Is he a rent-to-own furniture/appliance store? Is that how he helps them? No financing…sharia-complient? Hmmm?

    Could you see that it is possible to be kind and sweet to one’s intimates, yet find another group of people completely abhorrent and find them intolerable? Could you also see that since you weren’t there you don’t actually know what he said? Can you also see that his faith does not allow him to take kuffar for friends and associates?

  28. THON,you look a agressive Guy…..Me too i’m a Agressive Guy or Agressive Pork as you like,No Problemo with me Thon ! After reading your comments my dear Thon i’m sure you are a musslim,i have no Doubt about that !…Did you know i have a Fucking big nose Thon ! Are you aware of that,Thon…Did you never heard about that Thon !…Nobody never told you anything about my Nose Before Thon !…as i can see !…….Humm,Hummm !
    If I can smell a truffle to 3 feet deep in the ground, I can feel a Muslim thousands of miles away,Thon. Onk,Onk….

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