Finland Mall Killings, "Ethnic Albanian (Illegal) Immigrant" Kills 5, Himself: Updates

Kosovo Albanian community in Finland fears “Backlash!”

The Kosovo Albanian community in Finland has been shocked by Thursday’s fatal shooting in Espoo. They consider the event to be a single incident which should not be used against them or other immigrants. YLE

Nutroots blame private gun ownership….

Image: Gunman kills 5, then self, in Finland      (AP)

Shkupolli’s former Finnish girlfriend had won a restraining order against Shkupolli, who allegedly had stalked her for years.

Shkupolli had a criminal record for firearms offences and was thought to have used a 9mm handgun in the attacks, which instantly brought calls for more restrictions on gun ownership from the usual nutroots.   But what has legal gun ownership got to do with this? This “ethnic Albanian immigrant”  was a known criminal with a record of illegal weapon ownership.  So now the dhimmies in charge want to use this to restrict legal gun ownership?  Can you ban illegal ownership? More restrictions makes no difference to criminals. In the end, it will only be crims who have weapons….

Yahoo reports: It was the third such massacre in Finland in about two years, and once again raised questions about gun control in a Nordic country where hunting is popular. » Full Story on Yahoo! News

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Finnish police: shooter likely chose his victims

KGS from the Tundra Tabloids lives in Finland:


Update:  Ibrahim was a polygamous Muslim

Update 2: Ibrahim was also an illegal immigrant.

[He first dated the Finnish woman, who has not yet been named, soon after his arrival in Finland in 1990. An ethnic Albanian from Kosovo, he had left as Yugoslavia began to break apart, but it is not clear why. His relationship with the woman lasted for 18 years, but it was not a monogamous one. Shkupolli was also married to a woman of Albanian background, with whom he had a family, according to Finnish media reports.

I t would appear he married her after coming to Finland – and after meeting the Finnish woman, with whom he maintained a relationship throughout. That relationship broke down for the final time last year. She went to police to complain about his behaviour and the numerous threats he had made, including one to kill her. A court imposed a restraining order, not only preventing him from approaching her, but also the place where she worked – the Prisma grocery store in the Sello shopping centre in Espoo. ]

Chief investigator Esa Gronlund of the National Bureau of Investigation told reporters that a preliminary investigation has indicated that Ibrahim Shkupolli’s method of shooting the five Finns, most of them at a shopping mall in the town of Espoo, suggest that he had planned Thursday’s slayings, though the investigator declined to provide details.

The 43-year-old Shkupolli, an ethnic Albanian (Muslim) immigrant from Kosovo, committed suicide after his attack.

Investigator Henrik Niklander said police are examining the relationship between Shkupolli and the people he gunned down in Espoo, which is a few miles (kilometers) outside the Finnish capital, Helsinki.

“The fact all victims were employees of the (same) Prisma store seems to indicate that we’re not dealing with a coincidence,” Niklander told The Associated Press.

Previously police had been reluctant to speculate whether the killer fired his handgun randomly in the Sello mall in Espoo, Finland’s second biggest city, or if he had chosen his victims.

Four of those slain – three men and one woman – were working in the Prisma grocery store when they were shot. The fifth victim – Shkupolli’s former Finnish girlfriend – had been an employee at the same store, though she was found dead in a nearby apartment. She had won a restraining order against Shkupolli, who allegedly had stalked her for years.

After killing his victims, Shkupolli returned home and committed suicide. Police found his body after launching a citywide manhunt.

Shkupolli arrived in Finland in 1992, the Interior Ministry said. He applied for Finnish citizenship but was rejected due to his criminal past, which included assault, traffic violations and an arrest in 2003 for carrying an unlicensed gun.

During Thursday’s rampage Shkupolli used an unlicensed handgun, a fact that has stirred intense debate in the Nordic country after two deadly school shooting over the past two years. Finland has a long tradition of hunting and ranks among the top five nations in the world regarding civilian gun ownership. The country of 5.3 million people has 1.6 million firearms in private hands.

In a condolence message, Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen noted the large number handguns in Finland and said the probe into Thursday’s shooting would “focus on the unlicensed gun and how the shooter obtained it.”

In September 2008, a lone gunman killed nine fellow students and a teacher at a vocational college before shooting himself to death in the western town of Kauhajoki.

In November 2007, an 18-year-old student fatally shot eight people and himself at a high school in southern Finland.

Finland’s 5,000 Kosovar Albanians have expressed concern that Shkupolli’s rampage will increase public anger against foreigners during a debate now taking place among lawmakers and the media regarding immigration and the social benefits immigrants receive and their overall status in the Nordic country.

Driton Nushi, a Kosovar Albanian community leader in Finland, said he hoped the public won’t misunderstand the crime.

“Do they take it as an individual case or do they think wrongly – as some of them already do – that all the foreigners are behind this?” Nushi said in an interview with Associated Press Television.

“It’s only an individual, a family case, a crime of passion. Nothing else, nothing more,” Nushi said.

Strange. Imagine a Christian or a Jew had committed such a crime in a Muslim country. Don’t you think there would be mass-riots from Jeddah to Timbuktu?

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  1. Kaw,

    About time the Muslims community were made financially accountable. Any time imams incite violence, they should be liable for the resultant mayhem. And the mosque should be closed down.

    As for Nushi saying he hoped the public won’t misunderstand the crime.

    No, we don’t misunderstand it at all. We recognise jihad when we see it, even if our leaders don’t.

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