Florida Mosque, French Converts, Italy's Child Brides

Beautiful: French Converts Want Freedom to practice the ‘real Islam’,  bugger off to Islamic countries:

The Imam of Bordeaux, Tareq Oubrou, explains that some people suffer from their religious beliefs because of the media climate and society, but he asserts that many come back after a few years because their visas are not renewed indefinitely, and also because they realise that basically France is a free country with considerable social advantages. Gates of Vienna

Italy’s 2,000 Child Brides Every Year — Many Forcibly Repatriated by Families

In 1993, there were 1,173 weddings involving minors, a number that gradually declined to 209 in 2006, and then 156 in 2007, the last year for which figures are available. Campania is the region with most weddings involving minors: 77. The majority are between non-Italians, with immigrant communities from Pakistan, India and Morocco leading the list. Nevertheless, the figures only cover legal marriages. Experts say these are only a fraction of the total of family-imposed unions ratified by a religious ceremony in a mosque, or more often in the participants’ country of origin. Gates of Vienna

By Bob Unruh at WorldNetDaily, Says huge mosque project will be used to recruit radicals:

A Pompano Beach, Fla., Christian leader who has alleged a huge Islamic mosque being built in the neighborhood of his 600-member church will be used to recruit people who hate America has scheduled a public protest of the project.

Rev. O’Neal Dozier, a former NFL player who now is minister at the Worldwide Christian Center, has announced plans for a protest rally in front of the partly constructed mosque at 10 a.m. on Feb. 6.

“It will be directly in front of the mosque that is being built. We’re expecting hundreds of people to be there,” he told WND.

“We hope to raise the people’s consciousness even more towards what we’re fighting here,” he said.

Dozier said the mosque membership presently meets in another building CAIR leaders say is too small. But Dozier has alleged the only reason CAIR needs a facility the size of the 30,000-square-foot project under construction is for recruitment of membership into a cadre of citizens who share a hatred of whites and the U.S. government. Creeping Sharia

One thought on “Florida Mosque, French Converts, Italy's Child Brides”

  1. I like that Florida pastor. I like him a lot. Good luck to him!

    I hope word gets about and he gets a real good roll-up, black *and* white, non-Christians and Christian, on February 6th.

    They should sing and pray and march right around the proposed mosque site seven times, like Joshua did round the walls of Jericho.

    I hope he knows about Islam’s view of black people – SLAVE FODDER – and that he finds out about all those millions of Africans who were murdered or enslaved by Muslims for 1200 awful years…and all those African Christians who are being attacked by Muslims right now, in Nigeria and Sudan especially. He needs to read Hagedoorn’s article about the Muslim seizure of young boys to be made into eunuchs – ‘the hideous trade’.

    Just a few more black pastors like him and the tide could turn among Afro-Americans; they could lose their current foolish fascination with the Islam that murdered and castrated their kin by the millions, and start Resisting the Jihad, instead.

    Memo to the Sheikh: we need to publicise this upcoming protest over at jihadwatch. There might be jihadwatchers living in Florida, or within travelling distance, who would like to join Rev Dozier and his congregation on Feb 6 to help protest against the megamosque. Imagine if he were joined by a big contingent of Copts!

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