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From today we’ll cover  the inquisition against Geert Wilders on Moe’s Jihad News.

The Trial of Geert Wilders: A Symposium

Has Wilders broken the law?

Geert Wilders’ inflammatory anti-Muslim statements are well known. Are they illegal?

By Folkert Jensma

Rumour has it that Geert Wilders, the leader of the populist PVV party, hopes to call Mohamed B., the man who killed Theo van Gogh, as a witness in his up-coming trialm which starts this Wednesday. Probably to establish the connection between the Koran and violence that Wilders assumes. The prosecution, however, will focus on the Dutch criminal code, particularly the two articles the politician is alleged to have violated: 137 c and d. Wilders is charged with slandering a group and sowing hate, and discrimination on the basis of race or religion. He has targeted muslims on the basis of their religion, the prosecution will argue, and non-western migrants or Moroccans on the basis of their race. The trial is expected to last months.  More from Handelsblad>>

Does Wilder’s accuser Gerard Spong call for Islamic law Holland?

The man bringing the case against Geert Wilders is left-wing lawyer Gerard Spong. In 2009 he caused controversy when he took part in a Dutch television show featuring a mock-trial where he convinced a TV jury that Bin Laden’s connection to Sept 11 was a product of “Western propaganda”, that there was insufficient evidence to prove Bin Laden was the real leader of al-Qaeda – in the end the TV jury ruled that Bin Laden was a “terrorist who has misused Islam.” [+]

With this mindset he and fellow students at the university where he works brings Wilders to trial from insulting Islam.

The following is what Radio Netherlands has been able together on Spong’s views. More from Islamization Watch:  Gerard Spong

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