France Deports Another Islamic Radical Imam

How much longer  do we need  to accept the fact that there are no “moderates?”


Not for the first time:

Abdelkader Bouziane: left 18 brats & several tilts behind. French taxpayers foot the bills…

France Deports Algerian Imam, Shuts 2 Mosques/Arab News

The expulsion comes in the wake of the expulsion Abdelkader Yahia Cherif (no relation), who had spent four years preaching at a mosque in Brest, in Brittany, and was expelled last Thursday.

And another one:

PARIS (AP) – France deported an Islamic mosque leader Thursday who was accused of leading a group that advocates terrorism, the Interior Ministry said. JW

France has deported to Egypt a radical imam who for months had been inciting followers in Paris area mosques to rise up against the West, the government said.

Described as dangerous, Ali Ibrahim Al-Sudani was detained and sent back to Egypt under an emergency deportation order, Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux said in a statement.

“The secret services had identified this dangerous individual who for the past months had been delivering sermons calling for a fight against the West in several mosques in the Seine-Saint-Denis area,” Mr Hortefeux said.

Mr Sudani, aged around 27, showed “contempt for our society’s values and incited violence,” he added.

The Egyptian national was the 29th imam or Islamic preacher to have been deported from France since 2001, according to the interior ministry.

In all, 129 Islamic radicals have been expelled from French territory, it added.

French security agencies had been tracking Sudani since 2008 and found his Jihadist teachings to be “quite hardline,” said an official close to the case.

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  1. WOW!!!!!!

    Quietly, behind the scenes, under constant public criticism, the French have been turning the tide against Islam!

    Bon, bon, bon, au revoir fauteur de troubles!

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