"Growing disenchantment" among British Muslims, whines Abdul Bari

Perhaps they have to bomb a few more buses & trains  to become more popular. Or perhaps they should join an orchestra playing tunes like “I wanna be loved by you”…. but then again, music is haram in Islam… what to do, what to do….?

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Government criticised over failure to tackle anti-Islamic hostility

The usual suspects. Abdul Bari is the guy with the lousy wig in the middle…

There is “growing disenchantment” among British Muslims at the Government’s failure to tackle a surge in anti-Islamic hostility, a religious group said.

In other news:

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) wrote to the Home Secretary to highlight the “growing problem” after a march by far-right group the English Defence League (EDL) at the weekend.

Secretary General of the MCB Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari said in his letter: “Amongst many British Muslim communities, there is a growing disenchantment at the lacklustre response from our political leaders to speak out against anti-Muslim hatred.

“Whether this exists in explicit form through the actions of far-right groups, or implicitly with hysterical headlines in our media, the policy response to any of these has been far from satisfactory.

“We ask you to take leadership in this matter, especially in a year where divisive elements may well flourish in the run-up to the next general election.”

The MCB accused political leaders of staying silent on the issue or said they had “ridden the wave of this disturbing trend” but failing to challenge hostility.

It hosted a meeting of Muslim groups at the weekend to discuss what it called “the growing trend of anti-Muslim hatred and violence”.

On Saturday, 17 people were arrested and at least four police officers injured during scuffles in Stoke.

Members of the EDL tried to break a cordon preventing them from clashing with anti-fascist groups.

A Home Office spokesman said: “The Government will challenge any views that reject or undermine our shared values. We do not encourage or advocate any voices of hatred or violence within our communities.”

10 thoughts on “"Growing disenchantment" among British Muslims, whines Abdul Bari”

  1. The biggest problem here is the premise that they get to be loved regardless of their obnoxious behavior of their cult.

    Here are the facts: You don’t get to come into my house and start yanking down the curtains, screeching that it doesn’t match your burqa. You don’t get to go in to my fridge and throw my food out howling about haram and halal. Then try to rearrange my furniture and slash the throats of my children. And “Demand” I treat you as an honored guest to be seated at the head of my table. Instead I’ll sic my dog on you and pump some buck shot in you posterior instead.

    Get a clue. Don’t spit in your host face and don’t expect your host to turn his domicile into a latrine so you can feel more like when you where back in the home country.

    Oh wait… I forgot… You’re Mohammedan… and after 1400 years it’s hard to break habits.

  2. British Muslims are becomming even more angry because they know that they are getting stronger. Anger is one of the few emotions that Islam allows to be expressed publicly.

  3. The bottom line is:

    There will always be anti-islamic “hatred”, aka the resentment borne by the instinct of self-preservation amongst the indigenous population when mohammedans begin their settle-subvert-outbreed-destroy program in any non-muslim country, in any place throughout the world.

    The single most effective way to stop any poor ickle muslims feelings being hurt by supposed “hatred” is to literally stop them being amongst us. If they weren’t here (“here” meaning any place that real God’s honest decent, normal people reside), we wouldn’t hate them, simples!

    At present, the “hatred” they speak of is quite polite, a few well mannered and non-violent protests here and there, and a couple of random “insults” aimed at mohammedans in the street. I have not heard of any bombings targetted specifically at muslims, unlike New York, Madrid, London and dozens of others. I have not heard of Christian pedophiles specifically targetting teenage muslim girls for rape and prostitution, nope, that is also a very muslim phenomenon, with young Christian and to a lesser extent Hindu girls being targetted in Britain. That is true hatred, our people have extended and open hand to people from muslim countries and in return we have had our throats slit, our women and children raped, our entire moral, religious and political establishment subverted, and our economies ravaged.

    Enough is enough. There is hatred, hatred for what we have endured, it’s time for you invaders to go home!

  4. Abdul Bari infuriates me just by his wig….. he is a vile, snivelling urchin that should be under a rock. he things this government is doing to accomodate these muslim creatures is sickening. We are being subverted, and are in a very real danger from these hypocritical mohammedans…….. they are truly insane with religion….they have no morals nor decency…….they will never go home, they want the UK as an islamic state. I will die preventing it.

  5. Good for you Kafur….They make such terrific inroads into western countries simply because western people are so much more polite…One good thing about ones country[NZ] being almost bankrupt , is that all their special services are being slashed,..the other day someone was bleating about an Afghan health worker losing his job , in todays paper the specialist refugee mental health service is being shut down..jolly good job all these services discriminated against the local population…I think in my city recently about 8/9 psychiatrists have left town..so why should non contributors like refugees have special psych services when there are hardly any mental health services for local people?…Our govt is borrowing 450 million a week to keep us afloat…As I see it, there are a lot more of these services to slash.
    The trouble with socialist/commie govts is the they promise anyone and especially foreigners all kind of services with very little thought about how these services will be paid for..It is the old ”other people’s money syndrome…”
    I wish you all the best Kafur…join up with a group of like minded peole and do all you can.

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