Criminals in Haiti Raping Quake Survivors


PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti —  Bandits in Haiti are preying on vulnerable earthquake survivors, even raping women, in makeshift camps which were set up in the capital of Port-au-Prince after the disaster.

“With the blackout that’s befallen the Haitian capital, bandits are taking advantage to harass and rape women and young girls under the tents,” Haiti’s national police chief Mario Andresol said yesterday.

“We have more than 7,000 detainees in the streets who escaped from the National Penitentiary the evening of the earthquake… It took us five years to apprehend them. Today they are running wild.” Fox News

US Embassy trumpets Muslim aid to Haiti

Why only Muslim aid? “Public-Diplomacy Fail?” by Michael Rubin at NRO’s The Corner,  via JW

SLIDESHOW: Devastation in Haiti

Haiti Nears Breaking Point as Aid Is Snarled, Looters Roam

Robert Spencer:

Meanwhile, Sheila Musaji of The American Muslim kindly sends along this summary of Muslim aid to Haiti. Since I am only interested in the truth, despite the vicious defamation, lies and hostility that she and others at that site have directed at me, I happily pass it along to you.

Hugh Fitzgerald:

For god’s sake, Musaji offers a list of a handful of Muslim countries merely highlight the Muslim view of charity: from Muslims, for Muslims. Only in cases where the charity, if directed at non-Muslims, will help the image, and thus the cause, of Islam is such charity allowed.

And look at the pitifulamounts involved. The Muslim members of OPEC have received more than twelve trillion dollars since 1973 alone. The U.A.E. all by itself, with a total population that surely cannot reach a million, is sitting on a rainy-day sum last reported to be $800 billion. The Al-Saud have equal amounts or even more, squirreled away.

And none of that was the result of either entrepreneurial flair or hard work, but merely comes from an accident of geology. And whenever disaster strikes — in Aceh, say, from the tsunami, or Pakistan, from an earthquake, the Saudis and other rich Muslims do not shake even the change from their pocket. They wait, everyone waits, for the Inifidels to come to the rescue. And so far, the Infidels always have. Perhaps they should sit out the next one, and the next — if the parties involved are Muslim. Let’s see the rich members of the Umma demonstrate that “social justice” we hear that Islam is all about — at least in the Da’wa that is conducted in prisons among the economically marginal — by giving lots of aid and other forms of support to non-oil-rich fellow members of the Umma. That would be instructive.