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Shocker: Corporate America Giving Millions in Aid to Haiti

Those evil, evil capitalists…

That list included: Bank of America, UPS, Abbott Laboratories, Lowe’s and Coca-Cola. Elam explained that several other companies including Wal-Mart, the Yankees, and Western Union were giving between $250,000 and $600,000 each. Those evil, evil capitalists…

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Danny Glover, Asshole of the Month


Mohammedan donations missing:

Remember when Saudi Arabia said it was going to need financial aid in this ailing economy? The world snickered.

Now comes Haiti’s horrific earthquake. The world is putting money, supplies, and manpower (not to mention dog power — cf China) into the pot to help Haiti recover from this disaster.

But look at the list . See any Muslim countries? I don’t either. Haiti is just a bunch of miserably poor infidels anyway.  Gates of Vienna

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Haiti, a bottomless pit:

Sultan Knish: Friday Afternoon Roundup – Death by Hypocrisy

The media has reluctantly broken away from its latest celebrity tabloid feeding frenzy, to shamelessly exploit the disaster in Haiti, and everyone from credit card companies to aid groups to the news media to the corrupt government of Haiti are looking to profit from the disaster.

Accompanying this are attacks on anyone who points out that would have been a manageable disaster everyone else, is unmanageable in Haiti because it lacks a working society.

Rush Limbaugh is being savaged for questioning Obama’s willingness to throw 100 million and troop deployments to Haiti, at a time when Americans at home need help, some no less so than Haitians. But the United States has been helping Haiti all along, with no good result, as the National Review points out.

Since 1973, the United States has been the world’s largest foreign-aid donor to Haiti, which ranks among the world’s poorest countries.

From 1990 to 2005, the U.S. sent $1.46 billion to Haiti in aid from development assistance and children’s health through the Economic Support Fund, the U.S. food program, the Peace Corps, and foreign military training (although that was only $4.6 million, with $3 million coming in 1995). More recently,

In May 2008, the Bush administration announced that it would send an additional $25 million in emergency food aid to Haiti, bringing its total emergency contribution to $45 million . . . Congress provided $100 million for hurricane relief and reconstruction assistance for Haiti and other Caribbean countries in the FY 2009 continuing appropriations resolution, signed September 2008. Haiti received an estimated $287 million in regular appropriations for FY 2009.

So much for Clinton’s “modest aid”… And all the aid in the world won’t do any good, when your country is run like this.

Since 2004, a 9,000-strong U.N. peacekeeping force has been on the ground. Haiti is the third most corrupt country in the world, according to corruption watchdog Transparency International, compounding the difficulties agencies face in delivering aid in an accountable and transparent way. Power lies in the hands of a few elite, leaving ministries unable to implement policies and divert funds to the local level.

Aid to Haiti is the same old, “give a man a fish” routine that makes most of our attempts to help the world’s hungry and needy so ultimately pointless. More aid won’t help Haiti, regime change might.

Haiti isn’t responsible for the earthquake, but it is responsible for a mismanaged society that isn’t capable of taking care of earthquake victims. And while I sympathize, I have to ask when was the last time Haiti or any of the countries we help out sent us aid.

Bill Clinton, the UN’s special envoy to Haiti, who will be heading up relief efforts… bears some of the responsibility for the current state of Haiti today.

And you can’t have a disaster without celebrities blaming Bush, or in this case the failure of the Copenhagen talks.

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