Indonesia: Abdurrahman Wahid kicks the bucket

WSJ – PAUL WOLFOWITZ who writes this crap, is still amazingly clueless. He obviously never bothered to read the Koran.

Wahid and the Voice of Moderate Islam H/T Counter Jihad

Wahid, if anything, was a slick and sly operator and a hardcore Islamist when it suited him. Nothing moderate about him.  Nothing lost, nothing gained:

Abdurrahman Wahid

Wahid was one of the most impressive leaders I have known. Although his formal higher education was limited to Islamic studies in Cairo and Arabic literature in Baghdad, his breadth of knowledge was astounding. With a voracious appetite for knowledge and a remarkably retentive memory, he seemed to know all of the important Islamic religious and philosophical texts. He also loved reading a wide range of Western literature (including most of William Faulkner’s novels) as well as Arabic poetry.

Sunnis clash with Shiite “rafidite dogs” in Kashmir

Not to worry, the clashes were “minor”-

Kenya ‘deports Muslim hate cleric Abdullah al-Faisal’

“We are not deporting him because he is a Muslim” – Otieno Kajwang
Immigration minister  (Gee, for a moment you had me worried there…)

Abdullah Faisal

Kenyan police say they have deported a Jamaican-born Muslim cleric notorious for preaching racial hatred but have declined to say where he has gone.  Al BeBeeCeera

Filthy rich scum refuses to pay: Pops Mutallab Goes to Detroit, But Won’t Pay For Son’s Lawyer

Debbie Schlussel

Abdulmutallab’s father, Alhaji Umaru Mutallab, a wealthy former bank CEO and Nigerian minister, is not paying for his son’s defense.  Instead, U.S. taxpayers are getting soaked with the cost of this wealthy kid’s legal defense.  Some readers and e-mailers argued that his father turned him in to the U.S. Embassy and wants nothing to do with him, so that’s the reason he won’t pay for his son’s lawyer and American taxpayers are footing the bill.

But that’s not the case.  In fact, while he denounced his son’s terrorist attack, Pops Mutallab is making the trip to Detroit, this week, for his son’s Friday detention hearing.  He’s doing this to show his support for his son.  Well, how about showing support for his attempted victims and U.S. taxpayers, by paying for his son’s lawyer, instead of forcing Americans to pay for his dirty trickster lawyer?

Americans should not be paying for the legal defense of the Islamic Richie Rich, the “poor little rich kid,” whose family can afford all the accoutrements of the good life and an international trip to D-Mecca a/k/a Detroit.

Pentagon: More return to fight after leaving Gitmo (AP)

Beyonce Performs for Libyan Dictator’s Son


Page Six has a twisted story involving Beyonce and Hannibal Gadhafi the son of  “terror-backing” Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi who travels with armed female bodyguards and who pitched a tent in New Jersey last year. She allegedly performed in a black leotard for over an hour. No word on how much she made (though one source says $2 million) at the New Years Eve gig at Nikki Beach but last year Mariah Carey scored $1 million at the same venue.  Hannibal was arrested in Geneva earlier this year for beating two hotel servants with a hanger and a belt. More>>

Showbiz Whores for Qaddafi Terrorism (& Obama) Debbie Schlussel


Asylum seekers occupy  churches – More and more asylum seekers, mainly from Iraq and Iran, are turning to churches for sanctuary against deportation orders.  The Finnish Ecumenical Council is worried by the tougher stance taken by the authorities.  (EN)