Iranian cleric: hey, lets murder some more protestors for the sake of Allah…

Jihad roundup:

Iranian cleric: Hey, let’s murder some more dissidents, for God’s Allah’s sake

More opposition should be executed,” from The Associated Press, better from JW

Obama’s National Security Adviser: Iran might “lash out” at Israel over pressure on nuke program

Can’t have that. Resistance is useless. War is not the answer. Can’t we be friends if we give them some money?

In other words: Israel, please don’t pressure Iran about its nuclear program. “Obama aide: Iran may lash out at Israel over pressure on nuclear program,” from theAssociated Press, January 30 (thanks to JW):

Thailand: Jihadists set off bomb in mosque compound, open fire on Thai soldiers

No one has claimed responsibility, but there is only one group in Thailand that opens fire on Thai soldiers. Thai Jihad Update. “Bomb near mosque kills soldier in Thai south,” from Reuters, January 29 (thanks to JW):

Malaysia arrests ten tied to Christmas underwear jihadist

Hey, didn’t the Muslim POSPOTUS Obama just tell us that he was just an Isolated Extremist?”

Update: “Nigerian underwear bomber: 10 terror suspects held,” fromNew Straits Times,

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  1. There is an ‘Isolated Extremist’ involved in this incident we just got the name wrong but no wonder who knows what his name REALLY is its the LYING MOHAMMEDAN BOGUS POTUS Barry ooops sorry Barrack, you can call me HUSSEIN now I won, Soetero ooops sorry Obama (now where did I put that Name Change document last time I saw it it was with my Vault BC and my School, College,Illinois Bar, Senate and Passport Records.

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