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Vlad Tepes:

What is Islam’s contribution to the world this week?  Certainly not helping the people of  Haiti, as they are preoccupied with throwing a Kenyan maid from the top floor of a window, shooting and burning a Buddhist couple, and preaching hate at the London School of Economics, etc., etc. Nice. Way to go. The Religion of Peace.

Who are we and where are we going? Child rapes in Britain.

R.E.A.L. … It is heartbreaking, even as it is unsurprising. In Britain, the authorities are now reporting the forced marriage of girls as young as nine years old on British soil. We are not talking about one case, but several, which take place under official protection. We are not speaking, then, about parents or “husbands” who are being charged with a criminal offense. The situation, in other words, is completely unacceptable and makes clear that we have a crying need for a new approach to these matters. Government must put its foot down — and powerfully so — so that there will be no doubt as to the way in which such grotesque crimes will be addressed.   Read more>> Child rapes in Britain.

Iranian cleric threatens new holocaust

The Greater EUrabian Prosperity Zone: Europe to Join With Mediterranean



Ahmad Khalaf Masadeh, Jordanian ambassador to Brussels, has today been appointed as secretary general of the Mediterranean Union.

It is remarkable that an ambassador of a non-democratic nation has been appointed to head the Union. Now, it should not be assumed that the European Union, run by a non-elected Commission and having a non-elected President, should care too much about such details. By Henrik R Clausen

REUTERS: U.S. warns of possible attack in Malaysia’s Sabah

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) – Police stepped up security after the United States Embassy in Malaysia warned on Friday that criminal and terrorist groups were planning attacks against foreigners in the Borneo island state of Sabah.

A “warden notice” posted on the embassy’s website (, dated Friday, said resorts located in isolated areas of eastern Sabah, a state bordering the southern Philippines, were of “present concern.”

It identified areas of eastern Sabah including Semporna and the islands of Mabul and Sipadan, as well as travel to and from the area.


An American Millionaire Who Was Also Michael Jackson’s Lawyer Becomes Muslim

Out of kilter, with kaftan & coffee filter

We can only speculate as to what he has in common with Michael Jackson….

Regarding his next step after his conversion to Islam, Mark explained: I will learn more about Islam, I will delve deeper into this religion of Allah (Islam) and come back to Saudi Arabia to perform the Hajj.

As to what impelled him into converting to Islam, Mark explained: I have already had information about Islam, but it was very limited. When I visited Saudi Arabia and personally witnessed the Muslims there, and saw how they performed the solat, I felt a very strong drive to know more about Islam. When I read true information about Islam, I became confident that Islam is a religion of haq (truth)

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  1. Creepy: An American Millionaire Who Was Also Michael Jackson’s Lawyer Becomes Muslim…………
    We’re in a world of Insane.

  2. There is nothing more stupid than left wing, PC ,MC, moonbat, Green NAZI Stupid and amongst those the most Stupid are the Entertainment Business idiots who somehow think that because they can act/sing/write/paint etc that it makes them more qualified and more authoritative to make pronouncements than us mere mortals.

  3. He won’t last with them, but why is that Jews are more prone to convert to Islam than others? The have forsaken the God of their forefathers, the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob – in exchange for a free pass to sexual indulgance. Unless of course they are attempting to infiltrate Islam from within to destroy it – which is not a bad idea.

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