It was a Muslim Doctor who killed 7 CIA agents and himself…

The bomber, Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi, was a 36-year old doctor from Zarqa, Jordan, the home town of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the late head of al-Qaeda in Iraq, accordign to a report on NBC News.

The learned anal-ysts must be scratching their heads: what makes an intelligent man, an educated man, a Jordanian doctor blow  himself  up among 7 CIA agents? He must have been lonely, misunderstood. But… isn’t poverty supposed to be the cause of terrorism? And wasn’t this guy a “moderate”?

Yep. Always trust your doctor to save lives, right? Hmm, except when it comes to Mohammedans. Islam seems to make them want to kill and die for Allah, and kill he did, including himself. Muhammad’s 72 houri’s should be pleased….

Al-Qaida double-agent killed CIA officers

Officials: Perpetrator of Afghan attack was supposed to infiltrate al-Qaida


By Robert Windrem and Richard Engel, NBC News

The suicide bombing on a CIA base in Afghanistan last week was carried out by a Jordanian doctor who was an al-Qaida double agent, Western intelligence officials told NBC News.

Initial reports said that the attack, which killed seven CIA officers, was carried out by a member of the Afghan National Army.

According to Western intelligence officials, the perpetrator was Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi, 36, an al-Qaida sympathizer from the town of Zarqa, which is also the hometown of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the Jordanian militant Islamist responsible for several devastating attacks in Iraq.

Al-Balawi was arrested by Jordanian intelligence more than a year ago. However, the Jordanians believed that al-Balawi had been successfully reformed and brought over to the American and Jordanian side, setting him up as an agent and sending him off to Afghanistan and Pakistan to infiltrate al-Qaida.

His specific mission, according to officials, was to find and meet Ayman al Zawahiri, al-Qaida’s No. 2, also a physician.

However, the Al-Jazeera Web site quoted a Taliban spokesman who said al-Balawi misled Jordanian and U.S. intelligence services for a year. The spokesman, Al-Hajj Ya’qub, promised to release a video confirming his account of the attack.

Last week, according to the Western officials, al-Balawi reportedly called his handler to say he needed to meet with the CIA’s team based in Khost, Afghanistan, because he said he had urgent information he needed to relay about Zawahiri.

Close relations with Jordanian intelligence
His handler was a senior intelligence official, identified in Jordanian press accounts as Sharif Ali bin Zeid.

But bin Zeid was not just a Jordanian intelligence officer; he was also a member of the Jordanian royal family and was a first cousin of the king and grandnephew of the first king Abdullah.

Bin Zeid’s prominent role offers rare insight into the close partnership between American and Jordanian intelligence officials and how crucial their relationship has become to the overall counterterrorism strategy.

“We have a close partnership with the Jordanians on counterterrorism matters,” a U.S. official told The Washington Post. “Having suffered serious losses from terrorist attacks on their own soil, they are keenly aware of the significant threat posed by extremists.”

Jordan’s official news agency, Petra, said bin Zeid was killed “on Wednesday evening as a martyr while performing the sacred duty of the Jordanian forces in Afghanistan” and provided no further details about his death.

Meanwhile, Al-Jazeera reported that al-Balawi’s family refused to speak to the media on instructions from Jordanian security services.

Sources close to the family told Al-Jazeera’s website that Jordanian Intelligence arrested the perpetrator’s younger brother and ordered his father not to set up a condolence tent for his son so that it would not turn into a gathering place for jihadist sympathizers.

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Key base for CIA

According to Western officials, bin Zeid, along with the seven CIA officers, were killed when al-Balawi, the formerly trusted informant turned double-agent, detonated his suicide belt at Camp Chapman.

Some of the officers had flown in from Kabul for what was thought to be an important meeting.

The base was used to direct and coordinate CIA operations and intelligence gathering in Khost, a hotbed of insurgent activity because of its proximity to Pakistan’s lawless tribal areas, former CIA officials said. Among the CIA officers killed was the chief of the operation, they said.

Six other people were wounded in what was one of the worst attacks in CIA history.

Qari Hussain, a top militant commander with the Pakistani Taliban who is believed to be a suicide bombing mastermind, said last week that militants had been searching for a way to damage the CIA’s ability to launch missile strikes on the Pakistani side of the border.

Using remote-controlled aircraft, the U.S. has launched scores of such missile attacks in the tribal regions over the past year and a half, aiming for high-value al-Qaida and other militant targets. The most successful strike, in August, killed former Pakistani Taliban chief Baitullah Mehsud at his father-in-law’s home.

The Washington Post reported Friday that the CIA base has been at the heart of overseeing this covert program. The newspaper cited two former intelligence officials who have visited Chapman as saying that U.S. personnel there are heavily involved in the selection of al-Qaida and Taliban targets for the drone aircraft strikes.

Islamic suicide bomber who killed six CIA officers was trusted CIA informant

Robert Spencer:

As I have pointed out many, many times, there is no reliable way to distinguish a peaceful Muslim from a potentially violent jihadist. It isn’t as if there is one sect of Islam that has renounced and rejected violent jihad and Islamic supremacism, and another that upholds such things. If that were the case, one could rely on the peaceful group and shun the group that taught violence. But contrary to popular belief, every mainstream Islamic sect and school of Islamic law teaches the necessity to subjugate unbelievers, by force if necessary, under the hegemony of Islamic law. The U.S. government, of course, denies this fact and bases numerous policies upon the assumption that the vast majority of Muslims share universally accepted notions of human rights, and abhor jihad terrorism. This is the fruit of that false assumption.

“Exclusive: CIA Attacker Driven in From Pakistan: Suicide Bomber Was a Regular CIA Informant, Had Been to Chapman Base Multiple Times,” by Aleem Agha and Nick Schifrin for ABC News, January 2 (thanks to JW)

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From the Gates of Vienna:

This NYT alert just came in:

Bomber Who Killed C.I.A. Staff Worked With Jordanian Intelligence

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — The suicide bomber who killed seven C.I.A. officers and one Jordanian intelligence officer last week in southeastern Afghanistan was an asset of the Jordanian intelligence service who had been brought to Afghanistan to help hunt down top members of the Qaeda network, according to a Western official briefed on the matter.

The Ranting ManBear in mind: this guy was an intelligence asset for Jordan, one of our allies, a “staunch friend in the War on Terror”, as G.W. Bush liked to say.

Shouldn’t this cause us to rethink some of our most basic strategies?

How much stupider can we get?

Can anyone say “Catastrophic Failure”?

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  2. My experience is that no muslim arab can be trusted. They are simply conditioned from birth to act in a way that propagates islam regardless of consequences to others. This observation tallies strongly with the comment from one love.

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