Italy: A Mosque in Colle di Val d'Elsa

The picturesque Tuscan town, situated on the road between Florence and Siena, may soon be better known as home to one of Italy’s largest mosques.  Although there are more than 500 Islamic centers of varying sizes across the country, Italy does not recognize Islam as an official religion. msnbc

Imagine a mosque in a place like this:

Naturally, the locals are up in arms:

Italians See Mosque as “Occupation”

“This is not a big city and we don’t know if there will be an invasion of Muslims,” Letizia Franceschi, a lawyer who leads the protests against the mosque, told Reuters on Monday, January 22.

“Unfortunately, it is written in all the national newspapers that in many mosques they preach hatred and teach activities that are illegal in our country.” Islam Online

In Tuscan hills, mosque stirs deep fears

A severed pig’s head was found outside the mosque site in an apparent mafia-style intimidation effort a month ago, while construction that began with the mayor’s blessing is now accompanied by noisy protests.   If completed, Colle di Val d’Elsa’s mosque will become only the fourth major mosque in Italy.  Reuters Needless to mention that the mayor who imposed this abominable mosque against the will of the people is a “leftist”….

Italy: New mosque ‘attacked by vandals ‘ in Tuscany

Italy’s second biggest mosque being built in the picturesque region of central Tuscany has been attacked by vandals, a local imam has claimed. Construction of the mosque at Colle Val d’Elsa in the province of Siena is almost complete except for the mosque’s decorations, local imam Ezzedin El-Zir,… AKI

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  1. We love to bike around Tuscany. Its glorious. Then to think that the skyline in thos region will be polluted by a mosque, is just galling.

    Mosques do not blend with a European landscape and cultural view. There is no place for them here.
    It is also well known that Muslims are deeply uncomfortable in Europe. It makes them uncomfortable and it makes us all uncomfortable as well. So why do they stay here?

  2. “attacked by vandals” thank f*ck for that! From what I know of Italians, they are very patriotic and will not give a damn if muslims are be-headed themselves. I don’t think I would either, come to think of it.

  3. OOhhh!!!! Just after they have spent LOTS of MONEY to build it, it gets destroyed. OOhhh! What a pity! They will have to start all over again.

  4. rediculous, those people never stop blending in our back yard , even they know they are not welcome. they will never stoped building their big mosque in every corners if they allow to even for a little numbers of their follower , doesnt matter to them as long saudi arabia providing the money , and they like to live in the midth of us just to dispy us thats all , that is really their game.

  5. have some respect this goes out to all u people i live in australia i was born there iam a muslim i went to a catholic school i respect all religons i have read the bible i have never in my life disrespected another religon how dare someone do somthing so discusting im horryfied at what i have seen what you people dont understand is that we muslims beleve in the exact god as use we beleve in jesus in moses we beleve in 1 god he is the same god so how can use disrespect him grow up becuse it is u people that bring hate to this world from my heart i truley feel sorry for use…..

  6. Shaz,
    Many of you muslims do NOT respect others in my country!!! You want respect, it is a two way street and you have not earned it. I feel sorry for you – you are using the usual muslim whining to imply that muslims are victims when in facts muslims are the perpetrators. You bring hate into this world by your unwillingness to confront the monsters that try and enforce the customs of a 6th century pervert and murderer onto the rest of us – WE ARE NOT INTERESTED IN ISLAM AND WE DO NOT NEED NOR WANT IT. Now fuck off back to the middle east or whatever islamic shit hole you crept from.

  7. shaz, the Biblical God sent His only begotten son, Jesus Christ, to save us from our sins. The god of the koran, or its followers, claims that Jesus Christ is the slave of allah, rather than the Son of God. It is satan, the puppet-master of allah and islam, who brings hate to the world.

    (1) “For God had such love for the world that he gave his only Son, so that whoever has faith in him may not come to destruction but have eternal life.” (John 3:16)

    (2) “People of the Book, do not transgress the bounds of your religion. Speak nothing but the truth about Allah. The Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, was no more than Allah’s apostle and His Word which He cast to Mary: a spirit from Him. So believe in Allah and His apostles and do not say: “Three.’ Forbear, and it shall be better for you. Allah is but one God. Allah forbid that He should have a son!” (sura 4:171)

    [Is The Jesus of Islam The Jesus of the Bible?]

    islam is doomed, along with its “god” and its false prophet.

  8. KAW

    look mate you can abuse me you can disrespect me and my faith i rely feel so sorry for i will pray for you and hope that god brings you understanding. i rely do understand were alot off people are coming from but people need to relise that it is a small amout off people that are the bad there is good and bad in every religon nation background if you actuly look into islam and read into it you will be very shocked the media is the eveil and by the way im from australia born there so dont rely make much sence in your racist comments thank you please if you wanna talk get back to me take care mate…

    1. ” if you actuly look into islam and read into it you will be very shocked the media is the eveil and by the way im from australia born there so dont rely make much sence in your racist comments”

      shaz, you got it!

      “The media causes Islamic terrorism and you are born downunder and Islam is racist”

      You are worth every penny, brother. Stick around for more!

  9. shaz: ” if you actuly look into islam and read into it you will be very shocked the media is the eveil”

    Well, lets take a butcher’s into islam (before it butchers us), read into its source code, and see where the evil is …

    Ignoring the SMH, Age, ABC, SBS, AlJizz, AlBeeb, CNN and concentrating on allah’s media (medium?), we find, without help from the AJA, the following:

    “Let the unbelievers not think that they will escape us. They have not the power to do so. Muster against them all the men and cavalry at your disposal, so that you may strike terror into the enemies of [allah] and the faithful, and others besides them” (Sura 8:60)

    Who do you suppose is responsible for that bit of “eveil”? George W Bush? Kevin Rudd? Tony Abbott? Tony Blair? the UN? Pope B16?
    or maybe it is allah, doing what it knows best – striking terror into people. You think it might reap what it sows? You think its followers might do likewise? Stick around, if you must, but don’t blame the media for the “eveil”; they are largely either clueless or complicit when it comes to allah and its evil.

    Follow allah and its false prophet at your peril – judgement is coming.

  10. Shaz,
    We are not idiots – islam is a major problem. As I wrote before – speak to your fellow muslims before trying to convince us of the islamic intention. The comments we make are not racist – they are against islam and islam is not a race – learn the difference. Islam does not fit in the modern civilized world and, unless muslims are willing to change the bleatings of a rapist and murderer from ca 600 AD, islam will be driven from this planet.

  11. kaw

    islam will never be wiped from this planet islam will take over this world it is the fastest growing religon so u can say what you want think what u want but u or anyone els will never defeat islam you people are scared of islam because you know yourself that we are taking over this world… ISLAM WILL TAKE OVER WITHOUT GUNS WITHOUT WAR MARK MY WORDS……… you got a problem with me come get me you f*kin faggot pffff lol


    Do you disagree with allah and its false prophet? They intend to use war in their bid for global domination. God will gather them against Israel and destroy them (Ezekiel 38 & 39, and elsewhere).

  13. the non Muslim are very care less about his result so i only pray for these person that they can do bad picture ? may GOD give him a chance forgiveness or they become destroy on earth.


  15. take a look at any history book, take a look at the past 400 years, check how spain, france, england, russia, italy and even crap portugal have colonised most of the muslim world…check how they robbed treasures from india to morocco…check how they made us muslims what we r today(a strong but crazy and adhering people)

    you want to enjoy ur beautiful skies and green trees? forget it we will not allow it…check how many wars your people have done up until the creation of the UN this century…we have historical view of things unlike you who see things the way they are now…I for one studied in braitain and am from Saudi, my wife is turkish..I will fund till my dying day slow mental and physical aquisition of space and power within europe and the states. I plan to have minimum 5 kids and raise them the same.. We cannot forget..because we have integrity , we will not just sit back and enjoy our oil money, we will not forget,,,

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