Jihad Doctor Who Killed 7 CIA Agents is Relative of Jordan's Plucky Little King

CIA informant-turned-jihadist-suicide bomber relative of Jordanian King, praised as “martyr” by Jordan’s state news agency

Someone they assumed understood Islam turned out to be a Misunderstander of Islam all along. You just never can tell! “CIA bomber ‘was Jordanian double agent,'” from theTimes Online, January 5 (thanks to JW):

The suicide bomber who killed eight people at a CIA base in Afghanistan was a Jordanian-born double agent invited to the outpost because he claimed to have vital information about Osama bin Laden’s right-hand man.

The attack at the military base in Khost, east Afghanistan, last week killed seven CIA employees and the Jordanian intelligence officer who was the bomber’s handler.

The bomber, a 36-year-old doctor named as Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi had been recruited by Jordanian intelligence after being arrested a year earlier. He was thought to have been persuaded to support US and Jordanian efforts against al-Qaeda, and was brought to Afghanistan to infiltrate the organisation by posing as a foreign jihadi….

He was not searched because his Jordanian handler, Ali bin Zaid, who is also a member of the Jordanian royal family, identified him as an agent, the newspaper reported. He detonated the explosive shortly after his debriefing began in the gym of the military base, wounding six employees in addition to the eight dead.

It is thought that he was sent on his suicide mission by al-Zawahiri.

Mr bin Zaid is a relative of Jordan’s King Abdullah II who, with other members of the royal family, attended a wake for Mr bin Zaid at the Royal Palace at the weekend.

Jordan’s state news agency Petra identified Mr bin Zaid as an army officer on a humanitarian mission in Afghanistan. It said he was killed “as a martyr while performing the sacred duty of the Jordanian forces in Afghanistan”.

In an interview with a jihadi website in September 2009, al-Balawi said he went to Afghanistan to fight, and exhorted others to violence, according to SITE Monitoring Service, a terrorist watch group that reads and translates messages on extremist forums.

“No words are more eloquent than those proven by acts, so that if that Muslim survives, he will be one who proves his words with acts. If he dies in the Cause of Allah, he will grant his words glory that will be permanent marks on the path to guide to jihad, with permission from Allah;” he wrote.

Refutations from moderate Muslims, please? Honest Ibe Hooper? Brave Ahmed Rehab? The Distinguished M. Cherif Bassiouni? The Sinister Salam al-Marayati? Anyone? Anyone?

3 thoughts on “Jihad Doctor Who Killed 7 CIA Agents is Relative of Jordan's Plucky Little King”

  1. This goes to show that a muslim is a muslim and can never be anything except being a muslim (unless of course Christ becomes the Lord of his life). I wonder and ponder what the CIA and the FBI are thinking of when they recruit these men and women. A few years ago, the FBI unknowingly (or should I say sheepishly – and that is not a compliment to the FBI), hired an active member of hizbollah (a female immigrant who turned out to be working for good old Hassan). When will they learn? At the rate that they are welcoming muslims into their country, I sincerely doubt if they are at all aware of the magnitude of the crime that they are committing against the ir own people. America is no longer that safe haven that Christians once esteemed with high regard.

  2. I understood that Mr. Zaid was a member of the Jordanian Royal Family but I didn’t know that Dr. Balawi was.
    Zaid was his handler. Sounds like a monkey trainer to me.

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