Jihad is obligatory, black eyed virgins are waiting for you…

…and I promise it won’t hurt a bit if you get roasted in the process, sez this  headbanger. He talks as if he’d been there and back. Ah yes, needless to mention that we have to hate and kill da Jooozzz and we must teach our children that death for the sake of allah is our most lofty goal….

Courtesy of MEMRI:

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  1. http://newstime.co.nz/2010/gallery-coptic-christians-protest-at-egyptian-consulat-nyc.html
    “… Left, Greens, Social Democrats, trade unionists and so on, which normally do not miss a single opportunity “To attend” and “march to the front line” — Nil.

    This was expected and get over to however, that no representatives of the Protestant or Catholic Communities of Wiesbaden or even CDU (Christian Democratic Union, governing party) speakers were present, to protest against the killing of Christians in Islamic countries protest more akin to a scandal. …”

    NO STATEMENT OF Ms Kaessmann, Chairwoman of the Evangelicals Church in Germany

    Only hiding behind the Bible verse Matthew 5, 9 “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.” and do the ” (Page 259) Neville Chamberlain’s legacy of appeasement of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany” route.

    How would be the end of the secound world war, if the Americans also thought like Ms Kaessmann, when they had asked should we landed in the Normandy and help our allies … or not?


  2. Thanks for the video about Jihad. It is a good tool to show people and to show them that Jihad is not due to poverty, illiteracy, anyone’s policies towards the ME, or being with Israel. It has been going on for 1400 years and is continuing. And the ones helping the poor, widdle Muzzies misunderstand Islam are their clerics, their own powerful ones.

    Their own Sharia laws say Jihad is obligatory for all Muslims to do by their tongues (taqiyya, kithman, and da’wa), by their wealth (Muslim charity or zakat) and by the sword (violence is always an option).

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