Litigation Jihad

On Christmas day, a family doctor in Utrecht refused to allow a woman into his surgery because she was wearing a niqab, or burqa.

Radio Netherlands:

The 23-year-old woman had brought her baby to see the doctor. The three-month-old child had diarrhoea and had not drunk for several hours, a situation which is potentially dangerous in young baby. However, the doctor refused to see the woman because she was wearing Islamic dress, with her face covered.

The Equal Treatment Commission confirmed it has received a complaint from the woman, following a report in the newspaper AD. A spokesperson said the commission would definitely be dealing with the complaint, as a GP provides a service and should not refuse to see a woman on the ground of her religious expression. According to the commission this is the first time such a case has been reported.

The woman has also lodged a complaint with the GP’s practice and the medical disciplinary tribunal.

Hate Crime, Hate Crime:

Burned Quran left at Costa Mesa mosque, Muslim holiday display vandalized in Mission Viejo

CAIR-LA Executive Director Hussam Ayloush  noted that CAIR recently called on President Obama to address what it called an “alarming level of anti-Islam hate in our nation.” The organization’s letter to President Obama cited a number of recent anti-Muslim incidents, including a spate of vandalism cases at mosques nationwide. PR newswire has more>>

Muslim Woman Sues Atlanta Police Over Head Scarf Dismissal Dollars? Nice Try:

(AP) – A Muslim woman is claiming in a federal lawsuit that she was dismissed from the Atlanta Police Department’s civilian honor guard because she refused to remove her traditional head scarf.

Helen Lane alleges that the head of the voluntary guard laughed at her when she told him she would wear her hijab at a September 2006 funeral. She said she felt “humiliated, hurt and was traumatized” by the laughter.

Lane, who is seeking $250,000 in damage, said she told by another Atlanta official that “the hijab was like a swastika.” The city has denied the allegations and the honor guard has since been disbanded.

12 thoughts on “Litigation Jihad”

  1. * “alarming level of anti-Islam hate in our nation.”

    “alarming level of islamic hate in our nation.” would be a more appropriate concern, once the fawning & appeasement ceases.

  2. * Muslim Woman Sues Atlanta Police

    I wonder how much the budgie bomber will be paying his victims.

  3. It’s unfortunate that somebody is not allowed medical treatment because of the clothes they wear anywhere but, let’s face it, this is just the chickens coming home to roost.
    If the islamists weren’t so insane about everyone they deem not worthy of their respect, i.e. anybody who’s not an islamist, this would never have happened.
    I can’t see anyone wearing a headscarf or hijab or whatever being denied medical treatment in Europe ten years ago.
    But times have changed, and people now try to stand up against these throwbacks to the middle ages any way they can. Especially in the Netherlands.
    Unfortunately, or perhaps, not unexpectedly, it’s the muslim women with their too visual symbols of this oppressive ideology wrapped all around them, who will bear the brunt. And let’s face it if I walked into a surgery in Saudi Arabia wearing a tank top and with a big cross on my head, I doubt that I’d get the red carpet treatment either. So: You brought it on yourselves! It’s just the way it is, nowadays.

  4. The Equal Treatment Commission said “a GP provides a service and should not refuse to see a woman on the ground of her religious expression.”

    What religious expression? A burqa is not a ‘religious expression.’

    A burqa is a political statement. It denotes submission to a husband, a father, a brother, all Muslim men.

    Islam is a cult aimed at controlling people by fear.

  5. Muslim are now starting to reap the rewards of their attempts at colonization.
    Ten year agos this would never have happened but now muslims, through their own actions, have generated so much hate and suspicion that it is difficult to see any long term muslim future in Europe. Every their massive breeding program can be terminated if required. At as the last poster write – a burqa is NOT a religious expression.

  6. Anyone like to “humiliate, hurt and traumatize ” me for $250 ,000 ?
    I’ m more than willing .

  7. * Muslim holiday display vandalized in Mission Viejo …

    The photos of the “holiday display” (via the PR Newswire article) look a bit suspicious. Red paint or something has been sprayed across the display on all sides, or at least visible from the footpath, but a printed message about “No Islamic Lighthouses in the U.S.A.” has been stuck out of sight behind the pillar, apparently before the red “paint” was sprayed. Spray cans that graffiti vandals use normally obscure the words of things they spray, like bus timetables, but this “paint” looks like weak dye??

    Inside job, with no police report?

  8. Incidentally, if it was an infidel who “vandalized” the display, why didn’t he / she / they spray what appears to be an open koran on top of it?

    That would make more of an impact than just the panels.

  9. The GP should mount his defence on the basis that he is offended by the burqa, a symbol of the oppression of women, in much the same way that he would be offended by someone walking into his surgery wearing a Swastika.

  10. [Utrecht doctor] Another muslim beat-up:

    [According to media reports on Tuesday, the doctor was prepared to examine the baby with his father but would not allow the mother to be present.

    Last year the government announced plans to ban the wearing of burqas in schools and said it might consider bringing in a similar ban for hospital and other healthcare staff.]

    With muslims you cannot win – if the doctor had allowed the muslima in, he might have been “honour killed” by the husband, for being in “close proximity” with an unrelated woman in breach of sharia “law”.

  11. I feel bad for this poor baby.
    It shouldn’t suffer because of the woman’s dress.
    If she were that concerned she would have let her husband take the kid in to visit the doctor or she could have let her veil drop just for that short time. There is no excuse for this and it is just another part of the litigation jihad that is plaguing our justice system.
    We have got to fight back with litigation against Muslims for similar reasons.
    It’s time to turn the camel around and let it shit on them for a change.

  12. The “religion” of peace based on a totally evil foundation will reap what they sow, more and more hatred towards them. Keep on pushing and see what happens. Life is going to get very complicated for these brainwashed dunderheads!

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