Malaysia: "My Allah is better than yours" sets 2 more churches on fire

Arabic-speaking Christians have been using the word “Allah” for God from time immemorial, and these Malay Christians, influenced by this in their non-Arab but Muslim society, have been doing so for decades. The whole idea of making this an issue at all was just another expression of Islamic supremacism. Or maybe an excuse to firebomb churches.

“Fourth church attacked in Malaysia as Allah row deepens,” by Niluksi Koswanage forReuters, January 9 (thanks to JW):

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) – Arsonists in Malaysia struck a fourth church on Saturday as the government tried to soothe tensions arising from a row over the use of the word “Allah” to refer to the Christian God. More>>

We get it, Allah is your God, not ours

Only Muslims have the right to worship Allah, all other monotheists are worshiping a different God than Allah.

By Donkey Kong/Malaysia today

Muslims say that Allah is the Abrahamic God. Jews, Christians and Muslims pray to the one true God, they say. Only that Judaism and Christianity are corrupted forms of Islam, the true religion. Jews and Christians are hence “wayward Muslims”, they would say.

And yet, these Muslims are now forbidding others of Abrahamic faiths to use the term “Allah” to refer to God. Somehow, Allah is now the Islamic deity, distinct from the monotheistic God of the Jews, Christians and others. That is because Jews, Christians and other monotheists do not worship Allah, they’d say. Only Muslims have the right to worship Allah, all other monotheists are worshiping a different God than Allah.

Islam unites mankind, they would say. But it only unites mankind if they’re all Muslims. Once you’re a Muslim, your religion comes first before your ethnicity and nationality. Hence, that is their concept of Islamic unity – unity through distinction and discrimination. There is a brotherhood among all men who believe in Allah they’d say, but it doesn’t apply to other monotheists because only Muslims worship Allah.

Islam is the religion of peace, they would say. And yet they won’t think twice about threatening to kill anyone who does not agree with them. The destruction of synagogues in the Middle East. The destruction of the tombs of biblical patriarchs in Palestine. The desecration of Hindu temples in Malaysia. The destruction of Buddha statues in Afghanistan. And now, the arson attacks on churches in Malaysia. Islam is the religion of peace? Muslims as the messengers of peace? Is it any wonder that nobody takes this “religion of peace” boast seriously apart from Muslims themselves? Muslim apostates are often murdered in Islamic countries. Even with the Lina Joy case, a majority of Muslims didn’t think twice about saying “Kill her”.

Islam is a religion of fairness and justice, they would say. And yet the Syariah laws are biased in favor of the Muslims. And yet they consider non-Muslims to be second-class citizens. In every major Islamic country, the non-Muslims have been rendered as second-class citizens. When was the last time there was a Jewish minister in Saudi Arabia or Egypt? When was the last time Malaysia had a non-Muslim in a critical decision-making political post? Israel has Arab Muslim members of the Knesset. Israel has Arab Muslim lawmakers. Israel has Arab Muslim councilmen. But Islamic countries are more fair and just than Israel.

Islam is a religion of love and mercy, they would say. But people who have questioned Islam have been killed. People who do not agree with what Muslims say have been threatened and harmed. On the other hand Muslims are free to attack the faiths of others. Muslims have continuously said that Christianity is a false religion, that it is a corrupted religion, and yet the Christians have not declared a holy war on Muslims. But when non-Muslims criticized the Quran or made fun of Muslims’ conservatism about Allah and Muhammad, wars and boycotts were declared, people were murdered.

Islam is the religion of truth, they would say. But when asked to participate in an interfaith dialog, they refused. Or, they would conditionally agree, as long as there is a precondition that Islam is right and all others are false. Anyone who challenged the history and theology of the Quran would be taught a lesson not by Allah but by Muslims. Anyone who links Islam to what came before Islam isn’t uncovering truths, but insulting Islam, Allah and Prophet Muhammad.

I can see the big picture now. As what Jesus has said, from the fruit you shall know the tree.

The votaries of Allah and Muhammad are very different from the votaries of Yahweh and Christ. The believers of Islam has such a vastly different worldview and behavior compared to the believers of Judaism, Christianity and other monotheistic faiths despite having a common thread of monotheism. None of the claims by these Muslims that Islam is a religion of peace, fairness, justice, love, mercy and truth has any parallel in Judeo-Christianity in terms of the end-result.

From the fruit you shall know the tree, and with fruits that are so diametrically different the only logical conclusion is that the tree of Judeo-Christianity and the tree of Islam have become totally unrelated and different. The followers of Allah and Muhammad are not even similar to the followers of Moses and Christ, and the theology of Allah and Muhammad is not only different from that of Judeo-Christianity, it outright insults them. The core tenet of Christianity itself is rejected by Islam.

Christians should get this into their heads – Allah is not the God of the Christians. Allah is the God of the Muslims. The fruits of Islam and the fruits of Christianity have nothing in common in the present day and they’re diverging further. The tree of Islam and the tree of Christianity have become distant relatives, if not altogether unrelated.

Please stop using the term Allah in Christian publications. You might end up confusing Christians to worship a God that is not their own.

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  1. Muhammad was a narcissistic, psychopathic, bedouin maniac bent on power and corruption. He was a false prophet!

    He, and his first wife Khadija, created Allah and this idiotic ideology to gain that power and prestige. It is a conquering ideology. One young Muslim told me once “Muhammad was an illiterate and could neither read nor write but by Allah’s miracle he produced the religion of social and political perfection”. I remarked; “you are correct in one thing only. He produced the perfect “siege machine” for getting inside a castles walls, and making them crumble from within and that made his conquests easy. He also made it a sin punishable by death if you ever left the ideology.”
    He may have been illiterate but he sas not stupid. Most psychopaths are highly intelligent and manipulative.
    So if a Muslim thinks Muhammad is an ideal role model we have a big problem in the west.

    Ali Sina said it best; “The fact is that Muhammad was a liar. He could not say, I want power, I want money, I want women and I want you to worship me and obey me. So he invented a deity who was none but his own alter ego and made him tell the foolhardy people to obey Muhammad and do his bidding. So he’d say, fight for Allah and his messenger, bring the booty to Allah and his messenger, the prettiest girls captured in the raids belong to Allah and his messenger. he made Allah responsible for all his crimes and by making himself his partner he enjoyed all the loot. I assure you Allah never saw a dime of those loots. It all went to the coffers of this bogus prophet.”

    Islam is basically where the Roman Catholic church was 1,000 years ago. Thankfully we broke the mould and we no longer have to tolerate this kind secular tyranny in Christianity. Islam, on the other hand has been stuck in the sands of Saudi Arabia for 1386 years or so and it will never change because nobody has the guts to make the change for fear of a fatwa calling for their head on a platter.

  2. I dont see why people are making a fuss about this psychopath man mohammad with his personal islamic religion. Can you imagine his mad followers kill innocent children, men & women in various suicide bombings all over the world hoping to go to some heavenly paradise!!! Perhaps their Allah is Lucifer the devil. Let the guys enjoy their ancient life.

  3. 700 years this war has raged. They (Muslims) want to convert the world. When will we wake up?? Now they claim exclusive ownership of a word? Sounds like they are afraid to me. I think I will start using Allah in my daily language when referring to God.

    Islam was born out of a handful of desperate herders that were jealous the Silk Route was so prosperous for foreign tribes, Asians, and Europeans. Mohommad was probably drunk on wine when he came out of the caves. Maybe he was hiding from his own mind.

  4. “as long as there is a precondition that Islam is right and all others are false”

    That is the statment that makes the grounds that this ideology stands on shaky, to say the least.
    The only way Islam can be spread is through indoctrination, taqiyya, deception, lies, half-truths, total submission and slavery of its adherents and violence and “jizya” forced upon its opposers.
    We are at war and have been battling this “false prophet” ideology in the world for 0ver 1385 years. But the good news is that it is all coming to a head. The world will soon wake up to the truth that is Islam and it will capitulate under the weight of its own doctrines.
    Until that happens though we are faced with an uphill battle to rid the world of those who folllow its blood-teachings to the letter.

  5. Other things??

    How about Genocide against these demons from Hell, as that is where they come from and to whence they will return!
    There has to be a Satanic element in their DNA we can isolate and then work on exterminating them.
    Sound like a “holocaust”, no, not at all, more like God cleaning out the fallen angels and demons that possess the vile evil of the growing plague of vermin we know as the Jihadist!! They are anti-God and all that is good!
    The Jewish people are one of the greatest gifts God gave this world, His Chosen, Forever!! Islam is the worst nightmare that has ever hit this world. Muhammad listened and was possessed by Satan and so “Allah” was invented. Now the Death Cult grows as the West bows down to “Allah / Satan”!
    The King will soon return for His Own to end this misery.

  6. From Now all of religions and even all mankind all over the world should fight with the satanic religion, Islam

  7. Hey Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Hinduism, and any other religions in the world that ever attacked by mohammad Teaching, the devil Islam, lets attack this demonic religion

  8. Muslim poster said: <<>>

    Oh boy! this is, coming from a nation/cult-ure (the Islamic Umma with its supremacism complex) that today has its obsession of demonization against all non Muslims with anti-Jewish bigotry at the top.

    Well mr/mrs. Muslim, the first thing to do in YOUR war on the world… iis defend against YOUR PROPAGANDA AGAINST US.

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