Meet the Proud Family

The Turkish wife of the Jordanian suicide bomber who killed seven CIA agents in Afghanistan expressed pride on Thursday in what he had done.

Defne Bayrak, Turkish wife of Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi

“I am proud of my husband. He carried out a great operation in this war. I hope Allah will accept his martyrdom, if he has become a martyr,”Defne Bayrak told reporters in Istanbul, where she lives.

“I am not ashamed. He did this against the American occupation” ofAfghanistan, she said, the Turkish news agency Anatolia reported. More from AFP

(CNN) — Al Qaeda has claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing in Afghanistan last month that killed seven CIA employees and contractors and a Jordanian military officer, according to a statement posted on Islamist Web sites.  Continued…

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Mustafa Abu Yazid, al Qaeda’s commander of operations in Afghanistan and its No. 3 man, said the attack avenged the death of Baitullah Mehsud, leader of the Taliban in Pakistan who was killed in a missile strike last August, and al Qaeda operatives Saleh al-Somali and Abdullah al-Libi.

The December 30 blast at a U.S. base in Khost, in southeastern Afghanistan, killed seven CIA operatives including two from private security firm Xe, formerly known as Blackwater. The eighth victim was Jordanian Army Capt. Sharif Ali bin Zeid, a cousin of Jordan’s King Abdullah II.

A former U.S. intelligence official identified the suicide bomber as Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi, a Jordanian doctor who acted as a double agent. He was recruited as a counterterrorism intelligence source, according to a senior Jordanian official.

U.S. sources said bin Zeid was the Jordanian operative working closely with al-Balawi, who was from the same hometown as the onetime leader of al Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

Jordanian and U.S. intelligence agencies apparently believed that al-Balawi had been rehabilitated from his extremist views and were using him to hunt Ayman al-Zawahiri, al Qaeda’s No. 2 figure, the former intelligence official said.

The al Qaeda statement posted Wednesday identified al-Balawi as Hamam Khalil Mohammed Abu Malal, who used the name Abu Dujana Khorasani. It said Abu Dujana was a well-known Islamist author and a preacher on jihadi Web sites, an immigrant for his faith and a fighter who sacrificed himself and his money for his God and belief.

“May God accept him as a martyr who was able to infiltrate the Americans’ forts,” the statement said.

“We ask God to bless the people who follow your path, Abu Dujana,” it said. “Let them know that your brothers are following your path and they will not have peace of mind until they slaughter the Americans and let the Islamic nation be proud for having men like you among its sons.”

Several groups have claimed responsibility for the attack, one of the worst blows ever to America’s intelligence community. Some analysts said that militant groups may be competing for credit to spread the word and attract fresh donations and recruits.

In a posting on its Web site last week, the Taliban in Afghanistan claimed that the bomber was an Afghan National Army soldier.

On Sunday, however, Pakistani Taliban chief Hakimullah Mehsud said in an e-mail that his arm of the Islamic movement carried out the attack, also citing the reason as revenge for Baitullah Mehsud’s killing.

A true Muselmanic hero:

Al-Qaeda Claims Responsibility for Bombing; Jihadi Forum Moderators Eulogize Bomber

Jihadi Forum Publishes Posthumous Article by Khost CIA Base Bomber Abu Dajana

“I decided to avoid publishing this article, by way of precaution, in accordance with the Hadith ‘In time of trial, seek hiding.’ However, the sight of the blood of Muslims in Gaza, small children, women, and powerless people, who were killed by the bombs of the brethren of apes and pigs, encouraged me to publish the article, so that it may strengthen the resolve of [even] a single Muslim in the frontlines, and that I will gain reward from Allah.

“I can no longer write, and I want to be sent to early retirement. I have gone bankrupt. I have withered. I’m tired, I’m fed up. I try to write this or that article, and then, when I have written just a line or two, my words turn into something incoherent, as if I suffer from mental blindness or emotional confusion. My written lines weigh heavy on my shoulders, and my words come to besiege me whenever I close my eyes. These feelings which burden me – I can no longer bear them. I feel that my words have become pale and without effect. They are dying in front of their writer, and I feel that I have become an elderly person about whom people whisper: this is an old man whose contemporaries have died. Every day that goes by, while I stay away from jihad, robs me of part of my life, my health, and my resolve; and the gap continues to grow between what I dream about and where I actually am… More from MEMRI

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  1. We go in and free those utter morons of the Taliban and then she calls us ‘occupiers’.

    Why are we in Afghanistan, Iraq or giving money to these morons (I can’t even find a word that I can write on the internet to describe my utter disgust of this muzzie mindset of moronic stupidity) when they turn around and kill just because we are not of their devil worshipping, head banging, pile of donkey dung islam?!

    If we would have cracked open sharia laws we would have found out that they just lay down and accept such ilk as the Taliban, or Saddam, or whatever thug comes into power and they are not to do anything about it because of some halfwit god and prophet’s ideas. It is why NO MUSLIM COUNTRY CAME TO THEIR AIDE! The Muslim countries that could have helped them only cried like little girls when they were attacked and we, like fools, went in and helped them and wasted some more of our guy’s lives for those morons so they could turn around and spend their wealth on funding Jihadists worldwide.

    This female cow, Defne Bayrak (since she is nothing but some halfwit’s property), makes me sick.

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