"Middle Class" causes terrorism?

How a middle-class Nigerian boy was seduced by Al Qaeda into trying to blow up a transatlantic jet.

He was “middle-class”, you see. He was lonely. He was “seduced”.  There is no end to this. The perps from the MSM are criminally insane. Why are they so obsessed with finding excuses for Islamic terrorism?  The son of the chief of the Nigerian central bank is hardly  “middle class” in Africa. He is upper, upper class. But the  class-warriors at the Daily Mail have an ideological problem with “middle class” and use it for smears….Daily Mail has more

So what’s the story with the second man arrested from Flight 253?

Islam’s Assault on Freedom of Speech in Europe

Islam may be the root problem of eroding freedom, but the Dhimmis who won’t stand up to them are the ones making it happen.  (Vlad Tepes – CBN)

UK: Companies Who Refuse to Hire Muslims Will Be Penalized

“We do it to make it as much a meritocracy as possible,” a spokesman said.  From the Guardian of Muslims

Ed Husain:   Muslim profiling is a recipe for insecurity

Not profiling doesn’t work either. I guess we just have to take Fareed Zakaria’s advice and “learn to live with terrorism”….More Guardian

British Universities Breed Islamic Terrorists

LONDON — The case of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Nigerian man accused in the attempted bombing of a U.S. airliner, has reinvigorated a debate about whether British universities are being used as breeding grounds for radical Islam. WaPo

Finland aids and abets Islamic terrorism:

Finland donates €2.5 million to Pali Arabs

Bethlehem – Ma’an – A 2.5 million Euro funding deal was signed Thursday in Ramallah between Prime Minister Salam Fayyad and the Finnish government represented by Deputy Representative to the Palestinian Authority Outi Saarikoski. Ma’an News Agency

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  1. * UK: Companies Who Refuse to Hire Muslims Will Be Penalized

    [Race advisers and equality campaigners have called on the government to make “anonymous” CVs and job applications compulsory to overcome discrimination against women and people
    with African or Asian surnames.]

    And how does an employer determine that an applicant isn’t an illegal immigrant, child molester, or other category that may result in the employer being punished for employing them without knowing their background?

    Fortunately I am not a private employer – if I was subjected to this nonsense I would walk away, or run before I was hauled before some court or commission for breaching some unemployable person’s rights.

  2. Too late, Cecilie, they’ve taken most of the security & baggage handling jobs already – fancy being wanded by a penguin…

  3. Officials can bleat on about discrimination as much as they want but in small business (the big employer) it is the norm, in fact it is logically the only approach to hiring that can work. As an employer I believe in the free market economy which means I am free to hire or fire whoever I like.

    Only government can afford not to discriminate as they largely operate without budget restrictions or the need to produce actual results or do real work.

  4. Sheik, when you use my work, could you please credit it properly.

    My whole intention is to provide news to other infidel bloggers, but I’m working my ass off – 10 to 14 hours a day for the tiny headlines people use. For example: “Finland aids and abets Islamic terrorism” was my headline, not Ma’an’s. You copy my sources, photos and headlines, but do not always credit the source: Counter Jihad

    I do believe that we all need to cooperate and spread the stuff around, and you spreading my work is fantastic. The more the better.

    I’m an excellent source of information, usually way ahead of anyone else. Let’s keep it that way, shall we.

    All the best,

    Counter Jihad News

  5. “As an employer I believe in the free market economy which means I am free to hire or fire whoever I like.”

    Until you end up with a Bushra Noah, or a pork-eating muslim who objects to handling pork, or … and so on.

  6. * UK: Companies Who Refuse to Hire Muslims Will Be Penalized.

    There arent that many left anyway. And if these idiotic policies continue, the remainder will up and leave for China.

  7. The BBC & News Limited wouldn’t have any fear of being penalized for not hiring muslims – the BBC World Service seems to be little more than a mouthpiece for Mo.

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