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Moe’s Jihad News is the blog that’s supposed to stay up when this one is down. At the moment we have problems because the  net is down in our area, so I’m posting this from a friends office.

Brigitte Gabriel explains the workings of the genocidal Moslem zombie

Eye on the world blogspot:

Only in the UK do they arrest failed asylum seekers from leaving

UK: Anjem Choudary: I’m smiling because sharia is coming.. public awareness and possibly a military coup

From Jihad Watch:

Kenyan Prime Minister caves to local Misunderstanders of Islam

“The PM also appealed to the Muslim community to remain calm and give the government time on their grievances.” Grievance? Al-Faisal is a jihad terrorist, but who cares? Muslims, after stabbing and looting and destroying, have grievances! Violent intimidation works again, courtesy Obama’s friend Raila Odinga.

“Kenyan PM orders investigations into Muslim riots,” from Xinhua, January 16

I guess they need some more interfaith dialogue & sensitivity training….

Five die as Nairobi police fire on protesters demanding Jamaican cleric Abdullah al-Faisal’s release [Video]

Snake oil a la Islamiyah

Now our problems are over: Muslim group condemns terrorism!

How many times are Muslim groups in the West going to peddle this particular brand of snake oil? I guess as long as they find willing Infidel buyers, and there is no shortage of those.

The problem with this is that it once again condemns attacks on “innocent civilians.” But the Islamic jihadists believe that “non-Muslims are never innocent, they are guilty of denying Allah and his prophet.” So if they believe that non-Muslims are never innocent, a fatwa declaring that attacks against innocent civilians is not going to stop them from mounting attacks against non-Muslims, now, is it?

“Muslim group Minhaj-ul-Quran issues fatwa against terrorists,” by Ruth Gledhill for the Times Online, January 17

80 year old Saudi marries 11 year old

The marriage registrar, who was widely criticized since he agreed to seal the marriage contract knowing the girl’s age, absolved himself of any blame.

“There is no law that prohibits the marriage of a girl under 18,” he told the paper. “Plus, I summoned the girl and she declared her consent and signed the contract.”

Al Arabiya

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  1. I think I get some of the perversion of the old geezer marrying the guy almost in his grave. She is probably hoping to get some moola out of the deal.

    Islam is a sickness.

  2. The practice of taking a young child for a lover was started by the man Muslims today call Mohammad. This is not the mans real name – however most Mohammedans have no clue as to the mans real name. We do know the man called Mohammad when he was near 60 raped a child named Aisha and forced her into a ‘marriage’ that he enforced until he wall killed by his Jewish handmaiden.

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