Mohammedanism Causes Insanity

It also causes Sudden Jihad Syndrome, violent bouts of hissy fits, permanent rage and denial of responsibility in all cases.

France: Killer of Jewish DJ found insane

Thanks to Islam in Europe

A French court ruled Tuesday that the murderer of Sebastien Salem, a French Jew knifed to death six years ago in Paris, is unfit for trial due to mental instability.

The judge rejected the family’s appeal of a similar verdict handed down in 2006, which stated that the defendant, Adel Amastaibou, suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and is unable to control his actions.

Amastaibou, a 26-year-old French Muslim, stabbed Salem to death with a knife and fork in the basement of an apartment building they shared in November of 2003. He was arrested and discovered to be under the influence of marijuana.

When interrogated Amastaibou said he had been “under a spell” and that he was “pleased by the death of that f-ing Jew”.


Source: YNET (English)

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  1. More excuses and justifications from Europe’s elites, for muslims to be treated with lenience when charged with a serious crime. If we carry on down this slippery slope, we will ultimately end up with a system akin to sharia law, where a muslim cannot be held accountable for crimes against non-muslims!

  2. In the UK we have Broadmoor Hospital; this posting has inadvertantly given me the clearest insight into the on-line phobia cure. Broadmor is for the dangerously inasne. What a c*nt.

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