Mohammedanism in France: They Just Keep Coming!

Islamization Watch: Illegals in France [Photos]
In France, with Europe’s largest population of immigrant Muslims, debate rages about what it means to be French.

In Africa, blacks have wiped out the white farmers who tried to help them feed themselves. The genocide on the white farmers of South Africa is ignored by the western media. Mugabes  ethnic cleansing, the appropriation of white farms destroyed Zimbabe/ (Rhodesia) Most countries in Africa are now overrun by Mohammedans, who are determined to make the world Islamic.

Mohammedanism is gaining the upper hand in France:

Christmas in Paris. Muslims ‘preying’ for five blocks:

Vlad Tepes Blog:

Below are two videos from the people who bring us all the videos of the barber section of paris, some of which, Vladtepes has subtitled and posted here from French.
What you see below the videos is a machine translation from French, but please go to the original siteand see the photos and explanations of what you are seeing here. This is very clearly the illegal establishment of Islamic primacy here in Paris and has little to do with any sort of quaint cultural ritual you may see in a China Town in any large city. This, is war. The French, are losing.

A mass of Muslim occupation of the whole pavement of the Boulevard Barbès, and not hesitating to unroll their mats on the same floor of the Rue de la Goutte-d’Or, blocking all traffic loads, in total disregard for their drivers:

Incredible pictures of life for a group of illegal mainly Muslim immigrants of African origin in France.

Besides praying (99% of the collective is Muslim), there is little routine in the lives of the members except for the constant fear of being deported and the permanent desire to attain working papers.


Islamization Watch did a great job covering this story…

10 thoughts on “Mohammedanism in France: They Just Keep Coming!”

  1. Just had a vision of some suicide pigs trotting by then exploding.

    Well at least the authorities could put some pig bits on the roads so these goons don’t totally block off the traffic.

    Too cowardly for that too I guess. All those illegals, why do they have no desire to improve their own countries?

  2. Ever since the end of WWII, Europe decided to do two things:
    1. chuck God out of their territory
    2. go to the opposite exteme to that which Hitler once expoused
    The end result – a Muslim infested Europe.

  3. La France will probably be the first country where everything gone blown up in Europe,because it’s too Rotten.

  4. The Euro meditteranean project which will allow 50 million muslims to come to Europe, will just add to this situation.

  5. From far off Australia I have to ask- how do the Governments make these laws without the voters not knowing anything about this until the last minute, when it is too late to stop?

  6. The E.U. Dhumme..countries have lost a lot of their sovereignty..Just recently Ireland has introduced Blasphemy laws..I think similar to those pushed for years by the muslim dominated, United Nations…No criticising of religions , which basically means no criticising islam…this is coming our way..
    Ireland fought for freedom for forever and then quite recently signed the Lisbon treaty and sealed its own fate..I think people only voted yes because of their economic problems..
    This is why so many from the UK and Europe are trying to immigrate to Aussie , NZ and Canada…it is ” non muslim flight ”….but where will people go when there is nowhere else to run to?
    In Malaysia , the Catholic Church has been putting up a brave fight, in Indonesia the battle is lost..they are starting a big fuss about beef exports from countries like Austrailia and NZ . Economic jihad coming your way….this is why people like yourself and our very brave friend Sheik are so important…You are on the battle front…Australia and NZ are the last bastions of freedom and most people in NZ are sound asleep.

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