Mosque rats

Islam in Europe:

Strasbourg: Graffiti against minarets, Muslims

The Grand Mosque of Strasbourg, now being built next to the city center, will be opened in late 2010 and accommodate at least 2,000 people.  The current building project, approved by the former UMP municipality, does not have minarets, but Roland Ries, senator and mayor, repeatedly said that if the Muslims wanted it, he saw ‘no reason’ to prevent them from building one.

Netherlands: Mosque fined for operating cell-phone jammer

Obviously they don’t want anyone outside to listen in on their hateful sermons:

The police discovered the jammer after complaints from the neighborhood. The board of the association got a proposal for an out-of-court settlement of 550 euro, but rejected it. The board wanted to bring the case to court, but nobody showed up on behalf of the association yesterday morning.

Austria: Family sentenced for death threats

Because “Integration is a crime against humanity”

“We couldn’t envision our daughter marrying an Austrian,” says the father.  The mother and father are accused of threatening the daughter and her friend, mentioning ‘death’ and a ‘killing spree’.

“We are not extreme Muslims,” says the father.  The mother says little.  The little sister got married just before New Year’s.  “Tolerance and integration are not a one-way street,” says the prosecutor.  “Our rules of the game apply here.”

Germany: Muslims upset at mosque checks

In these controls, known as “unmotivated mosque checks,” the police are not seeking any specific person or investigating any particular crime.  “The police say they’re protecting us from terrorists,” said Avni Altiner, regional head of the umbrella Muslim advocacy organization Shura. “But we don’t feel protected. We feel discriminated against and degraded.” Of course….

UK: Islam seen as threat to social cohesion

It found that 55 per cent of people would be ‘bothered’ if a large mosque was built in their locality. Only 15 per cent said they would have similar qualms about a church.

UK: Only one in four people feel positively about Islam

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This is not surprising, given the strident Islamic supremacism and open contempt for British culture of groups like Islam4UK. But watch for the inevitable handwringing over the deep-rooted “Islamophobia” and “racism” of British society.

“Islam divides us, say the majority of Britons,” by Steve Doughty for the Daily Mail, January 11 (thanks to JW):

4 thoughts on “Mosque rats”

  1. Is there a tiny little glimmer of hope that the tide is turning? I mean, when European police actually does something about a death threat even though it’s just a “cultural thing, ” that must mean something, right?

    It’s such a pity that politically, the only sound advocates against muslim immigration are associated in many people’s minds with “far-right wing arch conservatives, ” (even my Dutch friend said that about Wilders!) because I think a lot (A LOT) more people would vote for them if their only platform was “get the muslomaniacs out.”

  2. * “Tolerance and integration are not a one-way street,” says the prosecutor.

    Could have fooled me.

  3. To turn the tide, spread knowledge of Islam’s horror show history and modus operandi to history ignoramus Westerners. Start by learning the key facts free online with the Historyscoper, to get started click the url.

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