My KRuddness! Ahmed Fahour is to be the head of Australia Post…

Infiltration Watch:

By Cassandra/ Australian Islamist Monitor

The news that Ahmed Fahour is to be the head of Australia Post came as a shock.
To most Australians, the postal service is part of the fabric of our life, and despite the advent of  emails, most still go to buy stamps, post parcels and even pay our bills.

So does it matter that a Muslim is heading yet another top job?

Well, to me it is just another nail in the coffin for our free and democratic society.

Ahmed Fahour. Appointed suddenly just after less than four months heading up Islamic investment bank Gulf Finance House…

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11 thoughts on “My KRuddness! Ahmed Fahour is to be the head of Australia Post…”

  1. Incidentally, Australia Post was seen as a “trusted” entity for people to go to when registering for the Australia Card & similar credentials. Ideal place to go to for the mark of the beast when the time comes, & a complimentary beheading if you refuse.

  2. OT, but part of the infiltration process – Kraft, about to take over the almost completely halal Cadbury, has made Vegemite halal …

    Vege spite spreads

    VEGEMITE has gone halal in a bid by food giant Kraft to make the national “treasure” available to Muslim Australians.

    The label on Australia’s most famous spread has changed in recent months to include halal certification in a move some have described as “ridiculous” political correctness.

    “Islamic communities are proud Australians and they want to be able to eat our national icon as well,” Kraft spokesman Simon Talbot said.


    Vegemite – it puts a veil on every cheek?

    Poll on the Herald Sun site:
    Results: Vege spite spreads
    Should vegemite carry the halal stamp?

    * Yes 22.5% (9 votes)
    * No 77.5% (31 votes)

    Total votes: 40

  3. The vote on the krafty halal Vegemite poll went up quickly:

    Should vegemite carry the halal stamp?

    * Yes 23.36% (32 votes)
    * No 76.64% (105 votes)

    Total votes: 137

  4. I have just written to Kraft informing them that I will no longer buy their products.
    I will also explicitly state this to any stores that I see – Kraft is now right out!!!!!
    Stupid PC idiots. The best way to hurt Kraft is to stop buying their products – I consider them traitors against Australia. Add my vote against allowing muslim culture to pollute our countries.

  5. Another no-halal post on the Vegemite site: “… will now be Halal approved … We will never buy your product again”

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