Netherlands: Death Threats From Muslim Criminals Scare Witnesses From Testifying in Murder Case

THE HAGUE, 26/01/10/NIS-News – Two doctors who received death threats from Moroccan criminals must decide for themselves whether they report the perpetrators to the police. If they are too frightened to do so, Home Affairs Minister Guusje ter Horst says she cannot help them.

Two Moroccan criminals robbed a hotel last week. While fleeing from the police, they ran over a man with their scooter. When doctors tried to save his life in a hospital, they were visited by the perpetrators who threatened them and made their work impossible, so that the 50 year old man died.

The doctors at the St Radboud Medical Centre (UMC) in Nijmegen have to date not dared report the ‘incident’ to the police because they say they are afraid of the Moroccans. As a result, it is impossible to prosecute them for the threat, because a report is necessary for this.

Death threats, a Mohammedan specialty:

A number of MPs have asked to allow the doctors to make an anonymous report so that they do not need to fear the perpetrators’ reprisals. But this is not possible, according to Ter Horst.

Ter Horst would find it “very bad” if the two doctors do not make a police report. “The perpetrators would then escape their punishment,” she confirmed. Although that would be “unacceptable,” no solution for the problem appears to be around, according to the Labour (PvdA) minister.

The hospital declined to comment. “We need to be left in peace for now,” according to a spokeswoman.

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  1. “‘We need to be left in peace for now,’ according to a [hospital] spokeswoman.”

    Otherwise known as The Dhimmi’s Lament.

  2. They found the time and resources to prosecute Geert for drawing attention to islam’s inherent violence and murder, but do nothing to two robbers / killers from the land of snitches. Their society is dying, along with Britain, France, USA, Oz, Sweden, Denmark, Germany etc …

  3. “‘We need to be left in peace for now,’ Cemetery Peace they mean ! They are the living dead.

  4. The friends and family of the Moroccan perps gathered outside the hospital in a show of peace and tolerance for Dutch values:
    (Carbecues to follow as police continue to do nothing?)

    Injured suspects threaten hospital staff

    Two boys aged 18 and 19 threatened a hospital doctor and a nurse while they were being treated for injuries sustained in a traffic accident in the Dutch city of Nijmegen.

    Riding a scooter the two had knocked down a 50-year-old pedestrian on a zebra crossing while trying to avoid a police check. The pedestrian later died in the St Radboud University Medical Centre, the same hospital where the two boys had been taken. They have been charged with killing a man and of riding their scooter without due care or consideration, causing a lethal accident.

    Some twenty relatives and friends of the two boys gathered outside the hospital, trying to keep them out of police custody. Police say they had to intervene to keep the group outside. A hospital spokesperson said that the crowd outside “caused turmoil”, but added that this did not affect hospital patients in any way.

    The incident took place on Friday but was only confirmed on Tuesday following a report in regional daily De Gelderlander.
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