New Erdogan, old Erdogan: same Jew-hatin' scumbag…

Erdogan encourages antisemitism

No surprise here. Erdogan is a believing Muslim. He knows that the worst enemies of the Muslims are the Jews — the Qur’an says so (5:82).

“Israel-Turkey; Report, Erdogan Encourages Anti-Semitism,” from ANSAmed/JW

– JERUSALEM, JANUARY 26 – Turkish Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan “indirectly incites and encourages anti-Semitism” in his country, according to a report drafted by the research department of the Israeli Foreign Ministry and published today by Israeli Haaretz daily. According to the report, which has been sent to the country’s main ministers, “ever since his party took power, Erdogan has conducted an ongoing process of fashioning a negative view of Israel in Turkish public opinion.” Moreover, “for Erdogan and some of those around him there is no distinction between ‘Israeli’ and ‘Jewish'”. The Turkish Premier Erdogan also “turns a blind eye” and “grants legitimacy” to anti-Israeli television programs of an inflammatory, anti-Semitic nature. The recent humiliation of the Turkish ambassador to Israel, for which Deputy Foreign Minister was forced to apologise in public, has made it clear to the Turkish government that the country has crossed lines in its attacks on Israel and in the limits of the Israeli government’s patience. Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and his deputy Ayalon, both of the ultra-nationalist Beitenu party, are the leaders of the hard line against Turkey. Defence Minister and leader of the Labour party, Ehud Barak, on the other hand favours a softer approach. He wants to continue to have friendly relations with the country, which he believes to be of strategic importance. The report ends with the pessimistic conclusion that “Turkey today, under the leadership of the AKP (Erdogan’s party), is different from the Turkey with which Israel forged a strategic relationship in the early 1990s.”

From the excellent Tundra Tabloids:

The Secretary-General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), Ekmeleddin Ishanoglu, told the Tundra Tabloids a couple of years ago in Helsinki that, “no Muslim, good or bad, could be antisemitic”, so why should Recep Tayyip Erdogan believe the Israeli report? Muslims believe that they have the right to address Jews and any other non-muslim in any way they see fit, such sentiment is a crucial part of the Islamic supremacist package.


Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, guiding his country back toward Islam

translation/ Islamization Watch

In the 90s, the current Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan was regarded as an Islamic fundamentalist. He then reinvented himself as a pro-European modernizer. WELT ONLINE in an interview said Turkey expert Gareth Jenkins, why Erdogan is now tend back towards Islam.

Q: The Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was in the 80s and early 90s as an Islamic fundamentalist. Later, he gave himself a moderate, pro-Western, and denied that Islam was one of his political identity. Where is he today? If he has already changed again?

Gareth Jenkins: “He has changed the time, but not so much like a naive West wanted to believe. I think he has never really internalized the idea that there should be equality between cultures and religions. Fundamentalism in Turkey was always something other than, for example in Arab countries, it had more to do with cultural identity than with Sharia. Since 2007, Erdogan turned increasingly back to this search for a Muslim identity. It is an instinctive return to its original values.

Q: Why?

Jenkins: Erdogan and the AKP were naive in their desire to want to join the EU. They did not understand what the EU, they actually wanted to join the EU in their imagination. The reality has disappointed them, the experience with anti-Islamic sentiments in the West. So they are returning to what they originally wanted, it is also a move towards the Muslim countries that once belonged to the Ottoman Empire.

Q: And a turn to brutal rogue states like Iran or Sudan. Erdogan says that they are capable of any crime, because they are Muslim*. Is this an expression of religious conviction or strategic calculations to tie the Muslim world itself?

[No Muslim can perpetrate a genocide*]

Jenkins: Both. That you bind the countries of the former Ottoman Empire itself, whose “center of gravity” will be, then it has also always said Foreign Minister Davutoglu quite consistent. That’s strategy. But I also believe that there is a certain blindness, a naivete when Erdogan and the AKP. You do not see such regimes as they are. It is an expression of lack of intellectual depth Erdogan, he can not see what is evil in Sudan, because he perceives it through a filter Muslim. These people can not be bad, they are Muslims. That does not mean that he wants to make Turkey a fundamentalist dictatorship.

[A ‘lack of intellectual’ ~ we are talking about accusations of genocide – and here he is in the same position as Sudan – so he appeals to the Muslim supremacist view – and with one swoop he wipes the genocide accusations of both his country and the Sudanese leader – off the table – by saying ‘No Muslim can commit a genocide – period ~ i.e. Muslims are innately superior – or their adherence to Islam makes them so. What ever his level of intellect – he has calculated this much.]

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