Now that's a Fartwa

Imams issue fatwa against terrorists

From The National Post/Vlad Tepes

By Charles Lewis

Twenty imams have issued a “fatwa” against any Muslim who would attempt to commit an act of terrorism in Canada or the United States.

Syed Soharwardy, (pic thanks to Tundra Tabloids) an imam at the Al-Madinah Calgary Islamic Centre, who organized the initiative, said on Friday that any attack by foreign elements should also be considered a direct affront to the 10 million Muslims who call either Canada or the United States home.

Check out Syed Soharwardy:

a vicious, anti-Semitic bigot who trivializes the Jewish Holocaust, spreads blood libels against the Jewish Talmud, says Israel is perpetrating a Holocaust of its own against Palestinians, publicly calls for sharia law to be implemented in Canada, and participated in a pro-terrorist rally in the Jewish neighbourhood of Calgary, replete with a flag of Hezbollah.

I first came to know this odious man up close, when he hauled me before the Alberta human rights commission for publishing the Danish cartoons of Mohammed. Before that, the little thug actually tried to have me arrested by the Calgary Police Service for publishing those cartoons, as if we were back in his beloved Saudi Arabia, where the police take care of the infidels.

Syed Soharwardy is anti-Semitic scum.

Ezra Levant has more, including death threats:   Syed Soharwardy: admires Muslim Brotherhood terrorists, threatens me that I’ll “soon pay”

Spencer:   Now what do you think a man like Syed Soharwardy might be trying to accomplish by issuing this fatwa?

Here is the text of the fatwa itself.

“We want Muslims around the world who would dare to commit terrorism on our soil to know that we stand together with all Canadians and Americans.

“We are asking Muslims here not only to condemn terrorism but to also see these events as attacks on themselves.”

Imam Soharwardy said he thought of the initiative just after a Nigerian man was charged with trying to blow up a U.S. airliner on Christmas Day. At that point he began calling religious leaders here and in the United States to join his effort.

Nineteen Canadian imams and one American have signed the fatwa to date.

“The Koran teaches us that we have an obligation to stop violence. We live in a non-Muslim country called Canada where Muslims and others live side by side and this is our country, too.

Tell us, Soharwardy: where in the Koran does it say you have an obligation to stop violence? Page and verse please…..

“Our children are born here. Our future children will live here. That’s why we have to oppose this violence.”

Since the threats against Salman Rushdie several years ago, most people think of fatwas as death threats. But in fact, the imam notes, the vast majority of fatwas are condemnations or even non-binding directives that are meant to teach fellow Muslims the proper religious response to a given situation.

“Non binding” means its meaningless drivel…
He said many Muslims he has spoken to say there lives have grown miserable and have suffered societal backlash because of the perceived association between violence and Islam.
But since 9/11, he added, it has become imperative for Muslims to vocally condemn violence — even though they have no personal responsibility for those heinous acts.
Muslims who live in this country should also stop fighting the battles that they left behind when they came to live here, he added.
“We are Canadian now. This is where our energy should be directed.”

Canada: Our man Syed Sohawardy; fatwas, fables and other follies

Vlad Tepes Blog

Canada’s Imam Syed Sohawardy can’t understand why some eyebrows are being raised at his fatwaissued recently against terrorism. I think I can help. Firstly, fatwas are dished out all over the Muslim world everyday, ruling on everything from whether it is permissible to wipe over one’s socks before prayer if a man has put the right sock on before the left, the secrets of the number 7, or whether men and women are equal in Islam. The fatwa business is a busy one, keeping Imams and self proclaimed Islamic scholars fully engaged in the business of speaking for God aimed at those who they wish to see cloistered in the 7th century, fully devoted to religious seclusion.

Secondly, most Canadians couldn’t care a whit what a fatwa has to proclaim, because most Canadians are not Muslim. For many, a fatwa is indistinguishable from a falafel. And for many who are Muslim, they too couldn’t care less, because most are working to adapt to a society in which sharia has no bearing, having long waved good riddance to Islamic law. Nevertheless, I suppose many of us have waited long and hard for some condemnation of terrorism from the front men of Islam since so little of it has come before, and that which did was by way of dribs and drabs in the form of a few halfhearted, rank and file denouncements.

Eyebrows have been lifted because quite simply Syed Sohawardy (a direct descendant of the prophet Muhammed,  so he says) has led us down the garden path before with his holy ‘proclamations’ of peace, justice and inter-faith dialogue. Would it be unusual to be suspect of a man who initiated anddefended the call for sharia law in Canada and pass it off as a respectable parallel legal system in Canada? Would it be as equally unreasonable to be wary of a man who hauled journalist Ezra Levant before the Human Rights Commission because he felt Lavant’s republishing of the Danish cartoons were a provocative affront to Muslims everywhere? And what of the human right’s complaint lodged against Syed himself, by some Muslim women within his own community alleging directdiscrimination toward them in their mosque? (I won’t even bother to mention that he accused Christian aid workers of kidnapping children during the tsunami of 2004 or that he claimed the Talmud is hate literature). Yet, Sohawardy seems miffed that his fatwa has been condemned, citing his detractors as ignorant buffoons.

So who is this fatwa really for? I suspect it is primarily for Sohawardy and the other 119 Imams whobridge build relying on the engineering of taqiyya. It may also be for dupes like John Cowan, former head of the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario, who feels the good Imam is ‘a man still in the midst of transition, a man from Pakistan still learning of western culture’. Twenty five years in Canada is mighty long in transition considering that most babies can learn a language (or two), walk, eat and go to the toilet themselves by the age of 4.

Tarek Fatah wonders why the good Imam’s fatwa only condemns terrorism directed at North America. He asks, ” Why isn’t he denouncing armed jihad no matter where it takes place?”. “Ask him that”. The answer comes from Sohawardy himself – “I don’t want to condemn jihad because this word has been used in the Quran in every place. Jihad means struggle against evil”. “It is armed struggle based upon principles of justice set out in the Quran”.

This fatwa is insincere and makes a mockery of the thousands who have fallen victim to violent Islamic jihad. It is another half-baked attempt to make nice by a man who keeps each foot in a separate pond. You simply cannot denounce terrorism without denouncing violent jihad and likewise, you cannot denounce terrorism by limiting its horror to one continent without denouncing it around the globe. Sorry Syed, your fatwa is rooted in fable and is yet, another folly.

4 thoughts on “Now that's a Fartwa”

  1. A worthless muslim public relations stunt, nothing more, nothing less. Also just an opportunity for the treacherous left, and the gullible alike to say “see I told you so, I told you islam was a religion of peace”!

    Muslims are masters of deceit and disguise, and quite possibly the closest we have to the earthly embodiment of Satan!

  2. “We are Canadian now. This is where our energy should be directed.”

    Oh, does that mean that Canada is now “dar al-Islam” (House of Submission)?
    Funny! It wasn’t the last time I checked.
    I thought that any Muslim living in dar al-Harb (The House of War) was living in enemy territory? We are at war with Islam as long as our system of government and our Constitution remain in place. That is written in the Qur’an.
    The Canadian government that controls dar al-harb is technically not a legitimate power because we do not derive our authority from Allah.
    Canada is just another one of those dhimmi nations that politely pays its “jizya” to keep Islamists off its back.
    We will always be at war with Islam because in order for a Muslim to be a perfect Muslim he must follow the Qur’an to its word. That was Muhammad’s command. All Muslims should fashion themselves in Muhammad’s image because he was the messenger of Allah and perfection in Allah’s eyes. And it remains the dream of every good Muslim to see the world unified into a singular Islamic dictatorship.

    Qur’an 8.39 “So, fight them till all opposition ends and the only religion is Islam.”

    Qur’an 8.59 “The infidels should not think that they can get away from us. Prepare against them whatever arms and weaponry you can muster so that you may terrorize them. They are your enemy and Allah’s enemy.”

    Qur’an 8.71 “He will give you mastery over them.”

  3. DC, you pinned it. It will only take another fatwa to reverse the first one … by another imam.

    Don’t tell me the West actually gives any credit to these fatwas? You poor souls!

  4. Given that islam has NO central authority only a fool would believe that any utterance by a representative of the ROP.

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