Obama sends Gitmo inmate to Switzerland

What did he do to deserve that?

In case the jihad in Switzerland needs a boost. After all, more and more inmates from Gitmo are returning to the jihad — and what was done there in any case to prevent that eventuality? Nothing whatsoever. “U.S. sends Uzbek from Guantanamo prison to Switzerland,” from Reuters, January 26 (thanks to JW):

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – An Uzbek detainee held at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba has been sent to Switzerland for resettlement, the U.S. Justice Department said on Tuesday.The prisoner was the latest transferred from the facility as the Obama administration seeks to close the controversial prison opened in 2002 to house foreign terrorism suspects….

In other news:

Grenade launcher, weapons cache seized in New Jersey hotel room from man with “Middle Eastern headdress” — FBI says no terrorism link

Some guys have all the luck:

People actually get paid for this: report says that Al-Qaeda still wants to use WMD’s against U.S.

A work of genius! How could these learned analysts have possibly discovered such a thing! This is on a par with their other brilliant discoveries: poverty causes terrorism, Islam is a Religion of Peace that has been Hijacked By A Tiny Minority of Extremists, etc. etc.

“Report says Al-Qaeda still aims to use weapons of mass destruction against U.S.,” by Joby Warrick for the Washington Post, January 26 (thanks to JW)

An Israeli, a Palestinian, and an American peacemaker walk into a bar. They each order a drink. The American turns to the Israeli and says: “You pay for everyone as a confidence-building measure.”/Barry Rubin

Infiltration Watch:

Moderate Muslim head of UK TV channel held on terror claims

One of many, many…

The division between “moderates” and “radicals” is a matter of imposed terminology and wishful thinking on the part of Western non-Muslim analysts. In Islamic communities there exists no such distinction, such that even the head of a Muslim TV channel in the UK — a man whom authorities undoubtedly assume is a stalwart “moderate” — can end up being involved in jihad activity.

“U.K. Islamic TV head held on terror claims,” from UPI, January 26 (thanks to JW):