Oh noes! Teh Juice iz Stealing Organz in Haiti!

You knew this was coming: from the Vicious Babushka

‘Israelis stealing organs in Haiti’

Jawa Report: Yes we admit it. We took Haiti to rob her of her vast oil wealth and tons of pure gold.

Baroness Tonge and Israeli Organ-Harvesting

Yes that’s right the US has invaded and occupied Haiti on orders from the advance party of Zionist baby organ snatchers.

The Telegraph: The French minister in charge of humanitarian relief called on the UN to “clarify” the American role amid claims the military build up was hampering aid efforts.

Even as IDF travels across world to extend hand to country in need, there are those who take opportunity to spread slander, blood libel against Jewish state. Seattle resident, who presents himself as black activist, explains incendiary video he uploaded to YouTube

WASHINGTON – Even when Israel  puts itself on the front lines of medical and humanitarian aid  sent to the ends of the earth and wins great praise for its professionalism in doing so, there are those who prefer to transform the act into an opportunity to spread hatred and lies at the expense of those suffering in Haiti.

Here’s what the Israeli’s are (really)  doing:

Praise for Israeli mission in Haiti: ‘Only ones operating’: Israeli field hospital earns accolades as one able to do complex surgery in devastated country

American doctors in Haiti jealous of Israeli field hospital

And of course, the usual suspects accuse the US of A of wanting  to “occupy”  Haiti:



Here’s what Muslims are doing:

Haiti, Islamic Relief, UNICEF & the Scientologists

While Israel was one of the first countries to deploy to Haiti to help relief efforts there–and, in fact, the Israeli mobile unit set up on a football field is essentially the only working hospital in Haiti–extremist Muslims and the Church of Scientology are engaged in far weaker efforts in Haiti that are somewhat frightening. By Debbie Schlussel

An American resident of Seattle, Washington uploaded a video to YouTube on Tuesday accusing soldiers in the IDF delegation to the earthquake site in Haiti of being involved in stealing organs from their patients.

The man, who calls himself T. West, fronts a group called AfriSynergy Productions, whose declared goal is to empower the black man. The video purports to present something to think about while exploiting the horrible tragedy that has befallen Haiti to recycle false claims that IDF soldiers engage in organ trafficking.

The bizarre host of the video collected praises broadcast on television channels regarding the advanced equipment and treatment the Israeli teams are providing in Haiti. After about a minute and a half of such praise, the man looks straight into the camera and made the claim that there are people operating in Haiti who do not have a conscience and are members of the search-and-rescue teams, including, he claimed, the IDF.

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Aw jeez, not this shit again.