Pamela Geller: "Obama Aids the Enemy He Will Not Name"

Of course not. Because the Muslim POSPOTUS Hussein Obama  is one of them, not one of US:

In “Obama Aids the Enemy He Will Not Name” in The American Thinker today, Pamela Geller takes aim at the President’s consistent refusal to name the enemy and ongoing compromising of American security:

White House National Security Adviser James Jones warned that Americans would feel “a certain shock” after reading the report on the Islamic jihadist who hid bombs in his crotch and tried to blow up Northwest Flight 253 in Detroit on Christmas Day.

Well, I was shocked.

The loudest (deafening, actually) part of Obama’s remarks Thursday on the war on the West is what he didn’t say. Not once in Obama’s self-aggrandizing speech on the Muslim Christmas bomber did he ever mention jihad or Islam.

And that is whom we are at war with.

To say that al-Qaeda alone is the enemy is just more obfuscation and deception. It’s bureaucratic boilerplate.

Imagine, if you will, during, say, World War II, if the Axis press accounts of Allied military operations refused to use the word America or United States.

For example, a D-Day report would go like this: On June 6, 1944, nearly 160,000 Iowans, New Yorkers, Jerseyans, Alaskans, Texans, and some black and white folks landed along a 50-mile stretch of heavily-fortified sandy coastline to fight Nazi Germany on the beaches of Normandy, France. More than 5,000 ships and 13,000 aircraft filled with all kinds of people supported the D-Day invasion, and by day’s end, Floridians had gained a foothold in Normandy.

Obama would speak only about “al-Qaeda.”

Al-Qaeda is a manifestation of devout Islam. Just as Hamas, Hezb’allah, al-Muhajiroun, The Armed Islamic Group, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, MILF, CAIR, ISNA, Fatah, the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya, the Armed Islamic Group of Algeria…

It is Islam.

And by refusing to name the enemy, Obama has perpetrated yet another devastating attack on American security….

There is much more. Read it all.

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  1. We KNOW it is Islam – so do the PC morons who claim otherwise – we need to discover why they are so blatently lying.

  2. Only weakness in the face of adversity!
    Promising to sack them if they do not get results, get results, before
    ‘day all go down’

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