Police grab 3 on Emirates passenger jet at Heathrow airport

Herald Sun/thanks to Dhumme Dhimmi

HEAVILY armed police today swooped on board an Emirates passenger jet about to take off from London’s Heathrow airport and arrested three people.

Police swoop on Emirates jet

Armed police storm the Emirates flight from Heathrow to Dubai. Picture: London Daily Mail website. Source: HWT Image Library

A police spokesman said the three – all believed to be male – were removed from the jet, which was preparing to fly to Dubai.

The spokesman, who spoke on condition of anonymity in line with policy, said officers were searching the plane but had found no hazardous material.

“Nothing has been found,” he said.

Witnesses told television channel Sky News that several armed police officers boarded the plane and arrested the men.

“Basically the police just swarmed the guy and rushed him out,” passenger Cameron Mclean told Sky News by phone.

“We’ve been told not to stand up . . . We’re going to be moved to a safe place.”

The police spokesman said he believed the passengers had been removed from the plane.

A Heathrow spokesman said no passenger was harmed and that the airport – Europe’s busiest – remained open.

He declined to provide further details.

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  1. Just watching a report on this on Sky News, they are reporting this as “a joke gone wrong”. It could well have been a joke, or it could have been a major terror attack, either way I believe Sky News have been extremely irresponsible in making light of this incident!

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