Poll Results: Would you support a new political party in Australia that is devoted to stop the spread of Islam?

44 % voted “I’m not Australian, but I’ll support it financially” Great! Lets see some green!

18 % voted  “I’m Australian, where do I sign up?” Send us your details, we’ll let you know!

18 %  said “I know at least another 10 people who would sign up…” (Great! Lets sign them all up!)

20 % (Muslims) think we are a pushover: Nobody can stop Islam. Islam is like a tsunami….

New Poll:

What can we do to stop the jihad?

Reverse Islamic Immigration

Disengagement from the Muslim World

Pay Trillions in Jiziya

Nothing can be done

Become a Police State

Declare War & defeat them

11 thoughts on “Poll Results: Would you support a new political party in Australia that is devoted to stop the spread of Islam?”

  1. Don’t be silly, the only way to really stop the jihad is to submit and be ruled under the global caliphate. And that ladies and gentlemen is what muslims actually believe.

    “But but but the jooooooz are the only people who desire global dominance……..”

    NOPE…. In fact, every single accusation falsely thrown at the Jews ie: media control, new world order etc, can actually be justifiably levelled at the muslims. Sad but true, and the only way to stop it is either hand over our countries or FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT until there isn’t a mosque, minaret or muslim in sight.

    Fortunately i’m not of the defeatist school of submission, i’d rather staple bacon to my throat so that the muslim who beheaded me dirtied themselves, rather than bang my bonce on the floor in submission to allah. Until then, it’s up to us to reverse all islamification in the West, as our governments sure as hell won’t!!!

  2. I’m with you Davey,

    I thought the only way to stop it is to stop the immigration of the fools.
    Problem is we already have enough in the countries in the western hemisphere to do a lot of serious damage.
    I guess the eventuality of this Third Jihad is global holy WWIII between Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Humanists against an onslaught of Islamic jihadists in our own backyards.
    There are many apostates and borderline muslims that would gladly engage as well.

  3. ‘Until then, it’s up to us to reverse all islamification in the West, as our governments sure as hell won’t!!!”….

    and…..[my insert] “reverse all islamification…. and in the East too! as our…”

  4. Well. this poll says it all. Despite a concerted effort by muslims to influence the outcome of the poll they were trashed. As in all that muslims do, they were a failure. Now folks – lets work towards recovering our countries and kicking these islamic scum and their PC slaves out of our countries and political systems.

  5. Salar Satti sign the official government petition to stop it

    5 minutes ago

    show that this is another form of Poll. It gauges what people are thinking. Probably the younger set, but hey… we are all young at heart.

    Going by the number of members, it is growing stronger and stronger each day. Just what we want.
    As of now, Members are 633,505.

  6. Chris Wannell, a councillor and former mayor, said: “If this man has any decency about him he will not hold a march through Wootton Bassett.”
    As the Sheik told us in an other Post before “Decency” doen’t exist in isslam ,it’s not in the Coran…..and the muslims don’t give a Damn Shit of what the good peoples think or want in Wootton Bassett.
    Another stupidity at my point of view”THIS GROUP IS NOT AN ANTI MUSLIM GROUP” they do not know against who they are,the enneny have ‘No Name’……..
    Unfortunately,i think the march will not happen because as I have seen on different site,they would be unable to make another one for several years in the best case….There are too many people who are waiting for them ! I hope that the march going to take place, I am sure this will be the major event that will trigger the reconquest of England.

  7. The answer since 1945 has been to NUKE MECCA. Once the source of the infection is kaput, Muslims will know that Allah and Muhammad were frauds all along, and begin singing “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead”, like in the 1939 Wizard of Oz movie. How can anybody want to spread the territory ruled by the Quran and Sharia outward from Mecca, or pray to Mecca 5x a day, when there is no Mecca, only a giant radioactive pit?

    Let’s place bets on which country does it: Israel, U.S., U.K., France, Russia, or China?

  8. Very keen observation, Historyscoper. Who has done it before and still has the guts to do it again? But then again, the world needs a justification to attack Israel according to the book of Revelations – for what else can trigger mass retaliation?

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