Poverty Does Not Cause Terrorism

Its the Jihad, Stoopid!

Mohammedanism Causes Terrorism.

American Spectator via Daled Amos

Andrew Cline has an article in The American Spectator addressing the issue of what drives the Muslim world to terrorism. After quoting Obama–who claims that terrorism is a social issue driven by poverty, Cline provides the contrary evidence, but  fails to even mention Islam.  Just a few days ago, Shrillary Clitman offered up the same nonsense, telling us that throwing billions of dollars down the Mohammedan gurgler it is the answer to Mohammedan terror.

Last week, President Obama said of the Christmas bomber, “We know that he traveled to Yemen, a country grappling with crushing poverty and deadly insurgencies.”

Yemen’s crushing poverty? Abdul Mutallab isn’t even Yemeni; he is Nigerian, and an affluent one, at that. Apparently, the president is suggesting that poor, unsuspecting Abdul Mutallab wound up in Yemen and was radicalized by Muslims there who were themselves radicalized by Yemen’s “crushing poverty.” Why mention it if that is not the general theory he is putting forth?

Yet there is a little problem with that theory.
According to the World Bank, Zimbabwe is 11 times poorer than Yemen. Yet no Zimbabwean national has been caught trying to blow up U.S. airliners. There’s a simple reason for that. Less than 1 percent of the population of Zimbabwe is Muslim.

Despite Zimbabwe’s crushing poverty, al Qaeda has almost no one to radicalize and recruit there. In Yemen, an almost entirely Muslim nation, al Qaeda’s pickings are easier.

The terrorists who attacked us on 9/11 and continue to do so today are not the radical poor. They’re radical Muslims.

Consider this list of known al-Qaeda terrorists, and find what links all of them:

• Kahlid Sheikh Mohammed was a mechanical engineer

• Mohammed Atta grew up in a middle class household; his father was an attorney.

• Ramzi Binalshibh was a bank clerk.

• Mohammed Atef was an Egyptian police officer.

• Marwan al-Shehhi was a soldier studying in Germany on an Army scholarship.

• Ziad Jarrah came from a wealthy Lebanese family and attended private, Christian schools.

• Abdulaziz Alomari graduated with honors from his Saudi high school and went on to graduate from college.

• Wail M. Alshehri was a Saudi P.E. teacher and university student.

• Waleed M. Alshehri, also a student, was Wail’s brother. Their father was a prominent Saudi tribal leader.

• Zacarias Moussaoui, the “20th hijacker,” had an MA in international business studies.

• Major Malik Nadal Hasan, the Fort Hood shooter, was a psychiatrist.

• Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab, the underwear bomber, was the son of a bank chairman.

• Hammam Khalil Abu Mulal al-Balawi, who killed eight CIA agents in Afghanistan last month, was a physician.

A few of the “muscle hijackers” on 9/11 might have qualified as poor. Richard Reid, too, although his father was a career criminal, so poverty can hardly take all the blame in his case. But most of the 9/11 hijackers and other al Qaeda terrorists who have tried to attack the United States cannot be classified as poor.

When looking for one factor that unites all al Qaeda operatives, it is clearly not poverty. Al Qaeda’s terrorists cannot be connected based on their family or personal income. The one commonality they all share is an adherence to radical Islam. (The emergence of female suicide bombers in Iraq eliminates the other commonality, that prior to that all were male.)

The absence of a causal link between poverty and terrorism goes well beyond al Qaeda, too. In 2004, Harvard professor Alberto Abadie published a paper for the National Bureau of Economic Research called “Poverty, Political Freedom, and the Root Causes of Terrorism.” He decided to include domestic as well as international terrorism to make his study as broad as possible. He concluded that “the risk of terrorism is not significantly higher for poorer countries.” However, “a country’s level of political freedom better explains the presence of terrorism.”

If the left advocated overturning despotic regimes as a strategy for eliminating one of the “root causes of terrorism,” it would have a much better argument. There is a clear link between political freedom and terrorism. But President Bush made a similar case, so the left won’t touch that argument. Boxed in by political correctness and with nowhere left to go, the left defaults to its old scapegoat, poverty. Alas, there isn’t a shred of truth to the claim that poverty is a root cause of terrorism.

Of course, making terrorism out to be a social issue fits well with making it a criminal act–with all that goes along with it (“I’m depraved on account I’m deprived”). On the other hand, murdering innocent people as a result of an ideology is trickier.

And that is why we will continue to hear about the “rights” of terrorists.

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  1. Islam causes Jihad and jihad causes poverty. That’s a fact.

    Poverty causes jihad, except when it doesn’t: 60% of jihad suspects in Britain are from comfortable, middle-class backgrounds

    A complication for the shell game known as “underlying causes.” It is a politically correct article of faith that Islamic supremacism and violent jihad must stem from something other than Islamic texts, teachings, and traditions, and poverty and lack of education are popular diversions. Failing those, the report cited below, which was apparently found in the abandoned British ambassador’s residence in Tripoli (oops), looks for others.

    What remains unanswered amid those conjectures is why the response to those difficulties in life, including bereavement and loneliness, leads so often to violent “radicalization” for Muslims in Britain, as opposed to, say, members of the Anglican Communion from far-flung corners of the world. “The middle-class terrorists: More than 60pc of suspects are well educated and from comfortable backgrounds, says secret M15 [sic] file,” by Abul Taher for the Daily Mail, October 17:

    Two-thirds of British terror suspects are from middle-class backgrounds and those who become suicide bombers are often highly educated, a classified MI5 document reveals.
    The paper, marked ‘Secret: UK Eyes Only’, also debunks the myths that terrorists and suicide bombers are ‘loners’ and ‘psychopaths’.
    Instead, the security service says that 90 per cent of them can be categorised as ‘sociable’ and have a high number of friends.
    The 200-page document, titled Radicalisation Of Muslims In The United Kingdom – A Developed Understanding, was found by a Mail on Sunday reporter in the abandoned residence of the British ambassador in the Libyan capital, Tripoli.
    The research paper, which was intended to be read by only MI5 agents and officers, was produced after studying 90 terror suspects investigated by the security service.
    While some of the information in the document comes from the interrogation of suspects, other data came from surveillance by spies and informants. The report gives a rare glimpse into how security service agents view Islamic extremists, and what MI5 believes are the main causes of Muslims becoming radicalised.
    While the report says that Western foreign policy and the perception that ‘Islam is under siege’ plays a role, they are not the main cause.
    Instead, the four causes of radicalisation are:
    Drum roll:

    [1] ‘Trauma’, such as the death of a loved one: Ten per cent of terror suspects became radicalised after a life trauma, says the report.
    [2] ‘Migration’: A third of all extremists ‘migrated to Britain alone’.
    [3] ‘Criminal activity’: Two-thirds of the sample had criminal records.
    Acts of violent jihad allow them to channel those thuggish impulses for a “good” cause.

    [4] ‘Prison’: Muslim prisoners who are not religious are often radicalised in prison. The report identified 60 known Islamist extremists operating in British jails.

    The study says that the ‘mean age’ at which a Muslim becomes radicalised is 21.6 years, while anyone between the ages of 16 and 32 is regarded as vulnerable….

    Poverty doesnt “cause” Jihad but Jihad is definitely correlated with poverty.

    The countries and communities where there is Jihad, there is also poverty.

    That is because Jihad causes poverty.

    What causes Jihad then?

    1. Indoctrination – the people most prone to indoctrination are children, the mentally unstable, those prone to violence.

    If you are already prone to violence Islamic Jihad gives you the perfect excuse to indulge in it without guilt and feel good about it.

    Islam is excellent in this – recruiting violent criminals in jails, drug dealers, etc.

    Islam is excellent in indoctrinating children in their Madrassas or Islamic schools.

    2. Lack of education including any education of any competing information, by law, physical threats or physical violence.

    The best way to counter Islamic Jihad is education and information and counter-indoctrination about Islam.

  2. I commence to writing because of one simple reason, the hope that I do not annoy you and you will read what I have to write. Although please know that what I have to write, is what I consider the be the truth.

    Jihad is a journey in oneself, it is a ‘fight’ with the devils and demons of your own body, mind and soul . For some it is a unnecessary battle because they have already won it, but for most people it is a battle. This battle is one which many are ‘fighting’, while not being aware of it, others are fighting it and are aware but do not know it is Jihad. And again others have different viewings and have interpreted Jihad in another way, but they do not see that it is in conflict with other guidelines they also consider to be the truth.

    Please take notice of the fact that I am all but just a human, subject to God as like all of use. And all my writings come from my common sense and from the things I have interpreted from my readings and studies. I have merely one wish to live in peace with all human beings, no matter what colour, beliefs, opinions or religion.

    And for all the people out there, Muhammed (MPBUH) has said: “Do not hurt the non-believers, as you will thereby hurt me…..”

    1. “Do not hurt the non-believers, as you will thereby hurt me…..”

      Chapter and verse please.

      ” the things I have interpreted from my readings and studies”

      You “Interpret” Islam?

      How dare you question the will of allah who has already decided for you?

      Furthermore, why don’t you try to convince your coreligionists about your peaceful ‘inner struggle for the soul?’

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