"Propagating Islam is the duty of every Muslim…"

The duty of every Muslim. Just like terrorizing the infidels. If we can’t  kill you, we will sue your sox off. Either way, we are coming to get you:

“In defense of Last Prophet”

Thanks to Mullah

MAKKAH: A number of Islamic organizations took part in a forum organized by the Muslim World League (MWL) recently to coordinate efforts in support of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon) against smear campaigns.

Abdullah Al-Turki, secretary-general of the MWL, commended the efforts of Islamic organizations in defending the Prophet by publishing books about his life and message and organizing seminars and conferences.

“Propagating Islam is the duty of every Muslim and this requires proper knowledge of the Qur’an and Sunnah,” he said, urging Muslims to study the Prophet’s life and teachings.

“This will give Muslims an idea about the Prophet’s life and his great qualities, and encourage them to stand up in his defense,” he said.

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“One World”- under Islam, of course…

Al-Turki spelled out the MWL’s efforts to defend the Prophet, adding that it has set up an international center for this. “Our center has carried out a number of projects to realize its objectives.”

He also urged Muslim organizations to coordinate efforts while conducting various programs such as seminars, conferences and exhibitions in defense of the Prophet.

Adel Al-Shiddi, secretary-general of the MWL center, said it is to present a working paper at the forum on future joint activities.

The forum called for the establishment of media centers in Western countries to monitor smear campaigns against the Prophet and properly answer them. The forum also called for surveys on public opinion about the Prophet.

Suleiman Al-Batahi, representative of the International Committee to Support the Final Prophet, called for the organizing of special programs in Western capitals for the purpose.

“We are coming to get you!”

He also called for the setting up of legal offices to take action against those who attack the Prophet. “These offices can also mobilize support to counter moves to spread hatred against Islam and Muslims with the support of friendly countries, making use of good economic and political relations with those countries,” Al-Batahi said.

Hassan Ahdal, director general of media and culture at the MWL, emphasized the importance of setting up a specialized center to monitor media attacks against the Prophet and provide suitable answers.