Rape Jihad: Norway

Infidel Women Are War Booty!

No Western Assault Rapists in Oslo’s Streets

Filip van Laenen/Brussels Journal

The police in the Norwegian capital Oslo revealed that 2009 set yet another record: compared to 2008, there were twice as many cases of assault rapes. In each and every case, not only in 2008 and 2009 but also in 2007, the offender was a non-Western immigrant. At the same time, in 9 out of 10 cases, the victim was Norwegian, not just by nationality, but also by ethnicity.

I guess all that’s needed is some more of that interfaith dialogue that works so well….


— Two men followed me home. When I opened the door to my apartment, they assaulted me, and raped me one after the other, a young woman tells nrk, the Norwegian public broadcast service. She is one of the victims of an assault rape of 2009.

According to the police, not a single one of the offenders had a Western background. Four people have been arrested. In all other cases, the victims reported that the offenders either looked like non-Western immigrants, or they spoke a non-Western language. Not a single case has been connected to a Western man.

Twenty-one cases were reported in 2009, the highest number since police started recording them in 2006. Nine of out ten victims were Norwegian – ethnically Norwegian – both in 2009 (17 out of 21) and 2008 (9 out of 11). Hanne Kristine Rohde, the spokeswoman for the Oslo police, raises the question what sort of view these offenders have on women.

She knows that these statistics are very controversial. Asked whether it isn’t stigmatizing for a whole community that the police releases figures like this, she replied that she wants to contribute to a better and safe world. That’s why she wants the truth to be told, and hopes that the debate will focus on that, she told nrk.

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4 thoughts on “Rape Jihad: Norway”

  1. I hope the police are not targeting and framing non-western immigrants just to stigmatize them and rouse anti-immigrant sentiments, fear and negative attitudes amongst Norwegians towards this particular group of immigrants.

    On the other hand if the reports are accurate and honest then the actions of these immigrants are reprehensible and they must be punished to the full extent of the Norwegian law. The laws should be made more stringent to deal with them and police efforts to combat these crimes should be stepped up. The criminals could perhaps be repatriated as well. I know Norwegians are peaceful, welcoming people so for them to experience such heinous crimes because of foreigners is atrocious and sad.

    I just hope and pray Norwegians do not allow this to incite racism and xenophobia amongst them. I hope Norwegian society deals with the specific cases and individual perpetrators and not certain racial or religious stereotypes and profiling to brood in their psyche and mindset about all non-western foreigners.

  2. Danel,
    Shove it!!! This problem is occurring because PC do-gooders like yourself have made it almost illegal to bring mohammedan thugs to justice. I was in Norway just after the early groups of the mohammedan creeps were allowed in and it was clear that there were going to be problems. But wankers like yourself wearing rose colored glasses assured an unsuspecting population that the mohammedans were just like then, only misunderstood. What is continually of surprise is that even though the mohammedans have OPENLY declared war, idiots like you continue to believe that all is ok. INVITE THEM INTO YOUR HOUSE -NOT MINE!!!

  3. The Oslo Rape Wave, Continued (GoV)

    Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer sends the following article about the latest alarming statistics on the rape wave in Norway.

    I can’t classify as official “cultural enrichment”, since the newspaper report fails to mention the ethnicity or immigrant status of last year’s rapists. However, it’s worth remembering that in the five years previous to 2011, all stranger-rapes in Oslo in which the perp could be identified were committed by Muslim immigrants.

    As The Observer notes:

    I’m sending you a translated article regarding the number of reported rapes in Norway in the first eleven months of 2011. Notice that the majority of the rapes occur in Oslo.

    I wonder why…

    The translated article from Dagbladet:

    Over 100 rapes reported in 2011

    The real number is probably higher.

    More than 100 assault rapes and attempted rapes were reported to the police in Norway between January and November 2011.

    NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) has studied figures obtained from every single police precinct in Norway which shows that 109 assault rapes and attempted assault rapes took place in the first 11 months of 2011.

    The numbers are probably higher because of underreporting.

    Read more »

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