Second Hand Virgins: Demand For Hymen Repair Grows….

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Seems to be the only growth industry, apart from the obligatory breeding program  the Mohammedans are enriching us with:

Ärzte Zeitung

The restoration of Muslim virginity is in demand in Germany. The Muslim women in need of new, unused hymen, are mostly older, 20 to 25-years-old Muslimahs. They come from Turkey, Balkans, Iran and the Arab countries.

The Muslim women call themselves Zeda, Aysegul, Cancun and Samar. They met anonymously on the Internet and discuss the vital issue for them: “I urgently need information on where a Muslim woman can get her hymen sewn restoration; what would it cost – please help me,” writes of them in the lifestyle and health forum. She received many responses within minutes.

On the WWW the Muslim women can share their fears and discuss Muslim issues undisturbed. Only a few could talk about this taboo topic within the family. The loss of virginity in Muslim world is as much disgrace as unwanted pregnancy. The Muslim family honor is equated with the purity of their daughters.

The Berlin’s family planning center receives numerous request for information on Muslim hymen restoration every week. “The demand has increased dramatically,” says Dr. Christiane Tennhardt. The woman are mostly between 20 to 25-years old and came from Turkey, Balkans, Iran and other Arab countries.  “Most are not veiled and speak perfect German.”

The parents must be presented with the bloody sheet

Th story is the same: An Iranian woman wants to save her future husband from ‘Infamy’ and ‘disgraced woman.’ The Muslims of Kurdish persuasion present their bloody sheet to the parents after the wedding night.

“Many of the Muslim woman have had sexual intercourse several times, then comes the wedding and the reality catches up with them.”

It has happened that a Muslim girl has been raped by her family and then forced to prove her virginity.

There are cases when the restoration of the Muslim hymen is the only option due to the health concerns  of the Muslim woman.  The human rights organization, Terre des Femmes, disagrees on the hymenorrhaphie issue.

“The social significance of virginity is often utilized to deny women their sexual freedom and to restrict their lifestyles.”

Dr. Teenhardt has long worked with Muslim women seeking hymen restoration. It usually turns out that the Muslim women know very little about their own bodies and sexuality. “If I tell them that hymen does not necessary guarantee bleeding, or that some Muslim girls are born without a hymen, they’re very surprised.”

The gynecologist teaches the Muslim women how virginity can be faked.

In cases where the Muslim woman is in great distress and afraid of deadly honor violence, the doctor is prepared to perform the outpatient surgery.  “We want to prevent mental and physical suffering.” The cost is about 200 euros.

How many thousands of hymen restoration operations are done in Europe is unknown. The demand is huge, shows the offers by plastic surgeons, some charging up to 2100 euros for the procedure.

One advert promises: For only 24.95 Euros (including shipping) you can save your honor.

The tips and addresses are also provided by Internet forums. “My gynecologist operates in outpatient basis and it will cost only 100 euros,” writes a Muslim woman.

Dr, Tennhardt emphasizes that much more important than tip for doctors and cost is to tackle the issue of Muslim woman through societal shift of thinking. The young Muslim women should be encouraged to demand their right to fuck anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Life Saving Surgery

Restoring virgiinty @ £2,000 pounds

My virginity was restored in a delicate operation just last week, and I honestly view it as life-saving surgery,” says Aisha.

“If my husband cannot prove to his family that I am a virgin, I would be hounded, ostracised and sent home in disgrace. My father, who is a devout Muslim, would regard it as the ultimate shame.

“The entire family could be cast out from the friends and society they hold dear, and I honestly believe that one of my fanatically religious cousins or uncles might kill me in revenge, to purge them of my sins. Incredible as it may seem, honour killings are still accepted within our religion.

“Ever since my family arranged this marriage for me, I’ve been terrified that, on my wedding night, my secret would come out. It has only been since my surgery last week that I’ve actually been able to sleep properly. Now, I can look forward to my marriage.”

Aisha is far from alone in seeking such drastic – and almost barbaric – surgery.

Daily Mail

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  1. This is a world-wide phenomenon since the advent of Muslim immigration.

    In fact, it’s big business for plastic surgeons wherever there are concentrations of Muslims. Detroit is one such place. You can get it done on your lunch hour, preferably at a minimum of six weeks before your new virignal wedding night. They recommend you take the rest of the day off after the outpatient procedure, but many women don’t.

    Just google the word hymenoplasty, maybe add a city name to come up with docs who do it. Big business in the US

    Back in 2006 I got an amazing piece of hate mail (such things are almost non-existent for us. Makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong that we see about one of these a year). I used the spittle-flecked epistle to talk about this surgery in the US:

    “Of Hate Mail and the Hymen Industry”

    I feel a bit guilty picking on the Muslims for this, however. There are many other ethnicities and tribess –Hindu India, rural Italy, etc. — where proof of virginity is a major deal. It’s sad, since any gynecologist will tell you that (a) some girl babies are born without one, (b) it can be so fragile that it will rip under the least pressure (riding a bike, using a tampon, practicing the high dive). In the cases where it is fragile there will be no evidence of having lost it since there is little to no capillary growth in that flimsy tissue.

    I like the cheap Chinese version, called (iirc), “Gigimo”. Leave it to them to find a niche market. Doesn’t require surgery and it works like a charm. The kit probably contains pig blood, but hey, ignorance is bliss. Anyway, Egypt was up in arms about the sale of those kits and last I looked was trying to get them banned:,2933,560241,00.html

    There’s a photo of the kit in that news story.

    OT, a bit: dermatologists & plastic surgeons are an excellent example of what medical economics would look like if there were no government incentives for doctor care (Medicare, insurance, etc). As the rest of the market has continued to inflate past any rationality due to all the interference, this field plods along, charging the same fees it did five or ten years ago (allowing for inflation). That’s because there is no artificial incentive to raise their fees since payment will have to come out of pocket.

    Yet there’s a lot of research going on in this area; treatment methods have improved while costs either stay the same or decrease. So much for the socialist idea that if we didn’t have gummint, there would be no innovation.

  2. The Muslims of Kurdish persuasion present their bloody sheet to the parents after the wedding night….

    What a bunch of sick f@#ks.

  3. Bryan, this religion is a conglomeration of contradictions. If they were to judge their prophet by their own quasi moral values, they would dig his bones out of his grave and burn them in disgust.

  4. “I urgently need information on where a Muslim woman can get her hymen sewn restoration; what would it cost

    Its probably free in Britain under the NHS.

  5. Is this surgery possibly the only contribution Islam has made to the world?

    Oh…. so they didn’t invent this either then?

  6. No. The infidels are doing it for them. The irony is that we also pay for it. Because not being able to present the bloody linen after the wedding night causes honor killings.

    We need to save them from themselves… got it?

  7. Listen don’t buy these cheap chineese artificial hymen. If you are coming from the culture that I am coming from, you know the improtance of your wedding night. It’s your hounor you are playing with you can’t be less careful. The Canadian company now carrying an original brand called PreAction Hymen I don’t remember the website. Just make sure what you are using is the good brand. God bless all women with sad stories.

  8. Selma,
    I would like to ask you if it is efficient or not. Please let me know. Kindly appreciate your help.

  9. The Eternal Virgin

    Several years ago Dymphna wrote about hymen restoration surgery, or hymenoplasty. It’s a relatively uncomplicated surgical technique that reverses what used to be considered irreversible, and makes a “fallen woman” into a virgin again.

    I don’t have to tell you which group in our modern multicultural society avails itself of the opportunity to restore the apparent virginity of women. The following news report from the Charles Adler show on SUN TV makes it clear why Muslim women are such eager customers for hymenoplasty: when it’s time for that arranged marriage to a cousin from the old country, surgery can make the difference between life and death.

    Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this clip. Warning: Plastic models of female genitalia are used in this video to illustrate the surgical procedures involved. Sensitive readers may not want to watch the report:

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