Shrillary Clinton opens the door for Tariq Ramadan

Willie Clitman & Shrillary, the progressive, always on the side of evil: bet you didn’t know that slick Willie made himself a cool 200 million dollars by bending over for the Arabs since he is out of office, did you? These two are as  “progressive” like cancer and the AIDS virus. What irks me just as much is that Tariq Ramadan, this very primitive Islamic agit prop, is always referred to as a ‘scholar’- or ‘intellectual’, in some cases even as a “philosopher” and worst of all, a “reformer”.

He is nothing but a propagandist for Islam and a potential terrorist.

Frere Tariq has no intentions to reform anything about Islam, because the uncreated words of allah are perfect.

Here is brother Tariq’s latest interview and his statement on reform of Islam:

Islam does not need to be reformed and Islam has in itself tools for Muslims to have a true understanding of it. The texts that the Muslims refer to – the Quran and hadith – are going to stay as text. They are not going to change. We have an immutable set of principles.

Professors Adam Habib And Tariq Ramadan Likely To Be Readmitted To United States, Says ACLU

“State Department Ends Unconstitutional Exclusion Of Blacklisted Scholars From U.S.”

WASHINGTON – In a major victory for civil liberties, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has signed orders that effectively end the exclusion of two prominent scholars who were barred from the United States by the Bush administration. The American Civil Liberties Union challenged the denial of visas to Professors Adam Habib of the University of Johannesburg and Tariq Ramadan of St. Antony’s College, Oxford University, in separate lawsuits filed on behalf of American organizations that had invited the scholars to speak to audiences inside the United States.

“The orders ending the exclusion of Adam Habib and Tariq Ramadan are long overdue and tremendously important,” said Jameel Jaffer, Director of the ACLU National Security Project. “For several years, the United States government was more interested in stigmatizing and silencing its foreign critics than in engaging them. The decision to end the exclusion of Professors Habib and Ramadan is a welcome sign that the Obama administration is committed to facilitating, rather than obstructing, the exchange of ideas across international borders.”   More>>

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Here is Daniel Pipes:

Tariq Ramadan Gives Up – Then Tries Again

Tariq Ramadan, the Chicago Tribune, and Me

The Swiss Islamist Tariq Ramadan was about to take up a position at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana in 2004 when the U.S. government prevented him from entering the country on the grounds that he had funded two Hamas-related groups. For five years, his exclusion has been debated and tried. Finally, it was reversed today. The Associated Press explains:

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has signed orders enabling the re-entry of professors Tariq Ramadan of Oxford University in England and Adam Habib of the University of Johannesburg in South Africa once they obtain required admittance documents, department spokesman Darby Holladay said.

Clinton “has chosen to exercise her exemption authority for the benefit of Tariq Ramadan and Adam Habib,” Holladay said. “We’ll let that action speak for itself.” In a prepared statement, Holladay noted the change in U.S. posture since both professors, who are frequently invited to the United States to lecture, were denied admittance after making statements counter to U.S. foreign policy. Both the president and the secretary of state have made it clear that the U.S. government is pursuing a new relationship with Muslim communities based on mutual interest and mutual respect.”.

Comments: (1) I always expected this outcome, that Ramadan would be allowed in, because so many forces were aligned in his favor. That the exclusion lasted over five years was impressive.

(2) Note that this change was ordered from the very top, specifically invoking Obama.

(3) Note also the sleaziness of the State Department spokesman, ascribing Ramadan’s exclusion to his “making statements counter to U.S. foreign policy.” No, the reason was explicitly his having provided funds to a terrorist-related organization. Why the gratuitous lie, State Department?

(4) The Obama administration puts this case into the context of “pursuing a new relationship with Muslim communities based on mutual interest and mutual respect.” But it’s always been a terrorism case, with no connection to issues of Islam. What amateurs.

(5) Note the term “mutual respect,” the hackneyed phrase repeatedly applied to the U.S. government and Muslims – so much so that I have devoted a whole blog to Obama’s use of these words.

(6) So, fellow Americans, how many of you feel safer with the prospect of Tariq Ramadan present in person to talk to our Islamists

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  1. Check this article :
    Article :

    The State Department’s data-base on “Visa Revocations Worldwide”, which contains notifications of all alien visa revocations and their case numbers, allows the Terrorist Screening Center of the Department of Justice and the DHS-ICE-CBP Officers at ports of entry to closely monitor the “Alien Visa Revocation” cases (*) and their current status, in an effort to assist the National Security Investigation Division and the Office of Investigation’s missions to combat the threat of terrorism and to enhance U.S. national security, denying such aliens entry to the U.S.A. on “lack of a valid Non-Immigrant or Immigrant visa”, (*) even revoking, retroactively, a valid “Non-Immigrant” or “Immigrant” visa from the date of its issuance.

    The State Department receive many reports on aliens from the FBI and other U.S. Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, through the Consular System, and the Bureau of Intelligence and Research , provides classified Intelligence Agency information on terrorist threats, cross-checking important records that eventually relate to alien individuals who, although they might already hold valid “Non-Immigrant” or “Immigrant” visas, are shown to be ineligible under the previsions of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

    Consular Officers are required to provide each applicant an explanation of the legal basis for denying the visa. However, if the basis for ineligibility is terrorism-under the Immigration and Nationality Act, the Consular Officer , would not be able to explain the reasons behind the denial.

    We understand that the american visa administrative processing time required to screen an alien visa application at the American Consulates abroad including the advisory opinion review is a necessary part of the visa application rather than adverse Department action.

    I noted that aliens experienced problems at the Ports of entry ( airports, land borders ) because of screening by Immigration and Customs officials showed a potential match with a terrorist watch records. Because these situations, Officers take visa revocation in airports based or an interest in “information-integrity”.

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