Space Age, space cadet, f*kcwit…..

When I first read this on Pamela’s site, I thought it was parody. Now that I’m reading it on the Guardian (of Muslims) “comment is free” site,  I think its beyond parody.

But then suddenly, it hit me: the writer,  a Raphaël Liogier,  is the director of the Observatoire du religieux ( and a professor of universities at the Institut d’études politiques d’Aix-en-Provence and the Institut de management public et de gouvernance territoriale and he means what he says:

France’s attack on the veil is a huge blunder

Women donning the full veil are not against modernity but represent rather its sophisticated product, just like westernised Buddhists. The veil, ­surprising as this may seem, is good news for modern values. Some smart young women keep a niqab in their bag but only wear it in Paris’s Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, in order to draw attention to the fact that they belong to the best Muslim set, that they really have got that Muslim chic, something like the equivalent behaviour in a gay district. This deep western social movement is no threat to modern values, but rather vindicates the latter under unexpected aesthetic guise: it is so ­individualistic and depoliticised that it is more of a real threat for Islamism and terrorist networks themselves.

It is a massive blunder to fight this new, ultra-modern Islam. And it is not only France that is heading towards a colossal error of understanding – ­politically capable of spinning into historic proportions – but also Europe, the United States, and all the other post-industrial countries, blinkered by Islamophobia, who turn out to be incapable of catching up on their own deep cultural changes and recognising their own best interests. It is a kind of collective, generational jet lag.  Read it all>>

To which I can only say:  Raphaël, STFU!

2 thoughts on “Space Age, space cadet, f*kcwit…..”

  1. What a surrealistic image you got there, yet so prophetic. It is an invasion of sorts of modern civilization, welcomed by the likes of Raphaël Liogier who are aiding the encrouching enemy from within. Should Islam dominate, know for certain that a new era has dawned on mankind and that the dark ages have surfaced once again of which the world will never recover.

    I am afraid it has begun.

  2. There are tinmes when I wished my wife wore a full niqab…this is not one of them.
    Our freedoms are being eroded silently by stealth jihad.
    The fashionistas will all be hung by the neck or thrown off of tall buildings once sharia is in full force. They just don’t realize what they are getting themselves into.

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