Steyn: Dutch court "is explicitly attempting to criminalize the political opinions of a large swath of the Dutch electorate"

Wilders to be tried for hate speech

Handelsblad for once  does not smear Wilders with the “right wing” epithet which the MSM so obligingly uses to please the far left and their Mohammedan masters.

Mark Steyn on the imminent prosecution of Geert Wilders in the Netherlands (thanks to the peerless Kathy Shaidle) via Jihad Watch

…in the Netherlands and other European countries, the political elite understands that there are frictions between an ever more assertive Muslim population and an ever more resentful “native” working class, but that, with the usual careless confidence of Big Government, it had concluded that the answer to this problem was to police and constrain public discourse within ever narrower bounds. (…)And, although Mr. Wilders is invariably described as “far right,” how “far” he is depends on where you’re standing: A poll last month found his party tied for first place in Dutch affections.

In other words, this court is explicitly attempting to criminalize the political opinions of a large swath of the Dutch electorate.

Hugh Fitzgerald comments:

Those Dutch bringing charges in order to shut up and even punish Wilders, and by extention to shut up, and threaten with punishment, all those who have come to the same conclusions as Wilders, are sinister figures. They are essentially collaborators with the forces of Islam, willing to do whatever it takes in order to aggrandize themselves, or even to help themselves to more of what they think they can grab, by way of power and, in the end, loot. Those who share Geert Wilders’ alarm over the Dutch, and Western civilizational legacy, in which we all have a life estate but must think as well of the remaindermen, those who support Geert Wilders not because they necessarily agree with him on everything but do agree with him on what is now in Western Europe The One Big Thing (the threat posted from within by the forces of Islam, now employing instruments of Jihad by which they hope, because of incredible negligence by members of the
European political and media elites, manage through demographic conquest from within what can not be achieved by military conquest from without.

In Dutch terms, in the terms of the Dutch during World War II and the Nazi occupation, the first group may be thought of as consisting of peter-mentens, while the second may be thought of as constisting of the miep-gieses. Between Peter Menten and Miep Gies — well, we all know the right choice.

8 thoughts on “Steyn: Dutch court "is explicitly attempting to criminalize the political opinions of a large swath of the Dutch electorate"”

  1. Again – write to the Dutch parliament. This must be stopped as it is a direct attack against all of us in the free world.

  2. The adres of the Dutch Parliament is

    Postbus 20018
    2500 EA Den Haag
    The Netherlands

    I doubt if it will do any good, though. They are not allowed to influence jurisdiction, other than by lawmaking (so they say). It was a huge misstake to start this prosecution. Whatever the outcome, it will do no good to social cohesion in this country. Disturbing social cohesion is one of the things Wilders gets blamed for. This miserable courtcase will put the country and everybody in it into deep shame. The prosecutor already feels it: he dared not look mr Wilders in the eye.

  3. I agree with your statement Dumme Dhimme.
    Please write to the address kindly supplied by Inge and to Dutch embassies and Consulates.
    I suspect that the mohammedans are going to write letters under false European names supporting this idiotic action by the Dutch Parliament. To this end I will see if we can install some filters in the system to weed these liars out – this is not easy but it is possible. Incidentally, if we can catch a few of these mohammedans trying to influence the democratic process by lying then we shall see if we can get criminal convictions in the courts for these thugs.

    Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands

    Please reconsider the legislation which allows people such as Geert Wilders to be prosecuted for “hate speech and inciting discrimination” as reported in various media such as NRC (Wilders to be tried for hate speech). It is the Koran which contains “hate speech”, and through which “Allah” and his false prophet “Mohammed” display their contempt for, and murderous intentions towards “infidels”, “unbelievers” and so on, who refuse to submit to Islam or pay jizyah.

    Various koranic verses make Allah’s hatred manifest, including “Fight against those to whom the Scriptures were given as believe neither in Allah or the Last Day, who do not forbid what Allah and His apostle have fornbidden, and who do not embrace the true faith, until they pay tribute out of hand and are utterly subdued” (Koran – Sura 9:29.

    There many more, where Allah tells his followers to fight against Jews and Christians; to make war upon unbelievers until Islam reigns supreme; and where Allah denies the deity and sonship of Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son (Sura 4:171), and denies His death by crucifixion (Sura 4:157).


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