STFU Erdogan!

In Saudi, Erdogan seeks to score points with Islamic world, voices support for Pali Arabs

Erdogan takes the Turkish begging bowl to Arabia: AFP – Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed support for the Palestinians and called on Saudi businessmen to invest in his country during a trip to the Middle Eastern oil giant.  (from Islamization watch)

“Turkey no longer needs a close relationship with Israel”

“Strongest among men in enmity to the believers wilt thou find the Jews…” — Qur’an 5:82

Thus with Turkey’s turn toward Islamic supremacism and Islamic rule, its new enmity toward Israel comes as no surprise.

“‘Turkey no longer needs a close relationship with Israel,'” from Haaretz, January 19 (thanks to JW):

The rift in Israeli-Turkish relations is the result of Ankara turning away from secularism and toward more radical Islam, Israel’s military intelligence chief said on Tuesday.The comments to a parliamentary committee by Maj. General Amos Yadlin reflected wider concern in Israel and followed a high profile visit to Turkey on Sunday by Defense Minister Ehud Barak that was meant to help mend the relationship after a sharp diplomatic row.

“Turkey no longer needs a close relationship with Israel,” a parliamentary official quoted Yadlin as telling the foreign affairs committee of the Knesset.

“They are currently in the midst of a fundamental process of moving further away from the secular Ataturk approach, closer to a radical approach,” Yadlin said, adding that key factors had been an easing of Turkish concerns about Syria and Ankara’s failure to clinch membership of the European Union….

Hugh Fitzgerald comments:

The failure of Turkey’s secular class, that roughly one-quarter of the population that Kemalism made possible, to extend and deepen the systematic constraints that he, Ataturk, put on Islam, must now be bitterly regretted by those who allowed themselves to think, in Turkey, and outside of Turkey, that Kemalism was forever. It turned out to be Islam that was forever, and anyone who lets down his guard, for a decade or for a minute, will regret it.

The example, however, of Iran, where the protesters more and more recognize that it is not this or that cabal of mullahs or Revolutionary Guards, or Revolutionary Guards supported by some mullahs (mainly of the HojatolEslam, not Ayatollah, grade and station), but Islam itself, that is the enemy of the mental and other kinds of freedom for which they so ardently wish, should be used, by the secular class — professors, university rectors, journalists — in Turkey. They should point to the protests there, and the suppression of those protests, by way of warning Turks of what more Islam can lead to. As for Syria, that police state, run by an Alawite despot and supported by an Alawite officer class, should be held up not as a likely, and welcome ally, but as an example of the kind of place that Turks should wish not to emulate at all, and if the secular class finds it must appeal to the Turkish contempt for Arabs, by all means appeal. Do what you can to save yourselves, and Turkey, from looking more like Iran, more like Syria, more like almost all other Muslim states (save for Tunisia) in the Middle East and North Africa. And if the secular class can hold on, and hold out, perhaps Islam will continue to lose ground in Western public opinion, as suspicions are aroused by the behavior of Muslims themselves, and then confirmed by the obvious examples of taqiyya-and-tu-quoque that no longer work, but merely infuriate Infidels. And as it loses ground, its image damaged by self-inflicted wounds, this may permit a comeback for the secularists in Turkey. Hold on, for — perhaps — the cavalry is coming

More from Hugh:

The Muslim conspiracy theorists in Turkey have made up their own story about Ataturk. To them, he not only was far too friendly with his dentist, Dr. Ginsberg, but was most likely, himself, a Donme, that is a member of a group inaccurately described as crypto-Jews. They can’t conceive of a Turkish patriot, eager to rescue Turkey from the political, economic, social, intellectual, and moral desarroi that results from Islam. So they must make up a story about him, and that is what the wilder ones among them have done. It’s a story often repeated, and widely, not to say wildly, believed.