Strange Mid Air Turn….

Pilot in Beirut crash made ‘fast and strange turn’

BEIRUT – The pilot of a doomed Ethiopian Airlines flight made a “fast and strange turn” minutes after takeoff from Beirut in a thunderstorm, Lebanon’s transportation minister said Tuesday, revealing new clues about the plane’s few minutes in flight. (I saw the vid and it looked like an explosion. We’ll see…/ed)

By ZEINA KARAM, Associated Press

He must be looking too deep in the mirror. Or perhaps he is still smoking that funny stuff:

BO Delusions: Obama says bin Laden tape “shows weakness

The Wake Up Call That Never Comes – Why The Latest Bin Laden Message Should Be Of Special Concern To Obama - Among other demands, Osama called the Muslim POTUS Obama to Islam….

From the excellent Tundra Tabloids:

Tunis mufti doesn’t like to be scanned:


An excellent comment from Dallas: “Simple solution… if you don’t like it you don’t have to fly. Use a camel instead. “

And a sobering thought:

How much do you want to bet that the airport authorities will only use it on those it was never meant for? KGS

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  1. ‘BEIRUT – The pilot of a doomed Ethiopian Airlines flight made a “fast and strange turn” minutes after takeoff from Beirut in a thunderstorm, ‘

    Because the French Ambassor’s wife was on it and ‘they’ want to get back at France for banning the burqa.

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